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    Service Animals

    Service Animals and PTSD

    Many veterans, diagnosed with PTSD, have found that service animals and PTSD can be a beneficial combination. Animals of many different types...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Derek Simmons

    There are so many paths I took to reach this point in my life; whether it be sensory integration therapy till I...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Stigma Fighters – I Am Not A Martyr – by J.C. Hannigan

    Growing up, I was told a lot that I am brave and strong. I was told that I handle my chronic pain...

  • Women

    What’s All This Cooking Stuff!?

    Maybe these recipes seem a bit random, but I came to love cooking, baking and all things kitchen. When combined with my...

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    PTSD & Violence: Why Service Members Continue To Be Associated With The Diagnosis

    PTSD seems to be an ongoing issue that has yet to establish a clear understanding from the general public. Just this past...

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    PTSDchat Blog

    Time to Change the TAPE on PTSD #PTSDChat

    Time to Change the TAPE on PTSD #PTSDChat What if the reason there is so much STIGMA around PTSD is thanks to...

  • Women


    Dates are one of my favourite snacks. What is yours? Facebook Comments

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    PTSD Survivor

    Trauma Informed Care Takes Center Stage! Stigma takes a back seat…

    Listen to this powerful video clip…click here… Quote from this site… “No one is immune to the impact of trauma. Trauma affects the...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Lindsay Loch

    In a society where appearance is everything, I find it exceedingly difficult to get people to see past my beauty and into...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Stigma Fighters: It’s Me, Isn’t It?

    It’s Me, Isn’t It? My dream was to get a PhD. in Philosophy from either Vanderbilt or Princeton. I’d been accepted to...

  • Women

    The Perfect Time

    Ever wonder what is a definition of a perfect time?   It took me a long while to make my own definition...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Parental Evolution

    I am 34 years old and still feel like a kid when I engage my parents like this. I had called them...

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    Are You Seeing What I’m Seeing? 

    Got my first copy! Very surreal. So many emotions going through me as I hold the most difficult, yet meaningful part of...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Anna Quimpo Maguire

    A poem I wrote in the hospital: Happy faces everywhere All these people unaware Why can’t they stay And see that I’m...

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    Resiliency and PTSD, the conundrum or the necessity?

    Psychology: a mental condition in which the qualities of a state are relatively constant even though the state itself may be dynamic...

  • Police

    Donate has continued to provide Police, Fire and Military families the information they critically needed since 2003 from donated support.  100% of...

  • Stigma Fighters

    Stigma Fighters: Peter Michael Marino

    “Socially Anxious Artist Seeking Anxiety-Causing Opportunities” In the middle of a recent holiday party, a friend discovered me in the kitchen washing...

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    PTSD Therapies & Therapists

    Embracing Emotional Pain vs Drowning In It

    The idea of embracing emotional pain may sound barbaric or inhumane. Pain isn’t something that we generally invite into our lives to...

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    PTSD Awareness

    PTSD is not a Life Sentence #PTSDChat

    There’s a blessing in my life and it is one that I will never take for granted. For whatever reason I am...

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    On the Other Side of Broken

    Hello readers. Very glad to be here on, beginning what I hope is a regular series of short writing pieces.I’d like...

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