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TW: What Would You Do?

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Below is a hypothetical situation – some of it is based on me and some added in to the post. It is based on a situation that involves the home treatment team (htt) (or crisis team depending on where you are from).

Htt is a team that works in the community to stop people being admitted to hospital. It is their job to work with people in acute crisis.

So the following is a situation that I want opinions on please (as I say there is a mix of reality and hypothetical so say what you think).

Htt were due for a visit at the clients home and the client had left a makeshift noose on the table (it could have been anything, not necessarily a noose because of it’s make up). Whether or not the object was left on the table on purpose is to be ignored in this situation.

The conversation went as follows:

Htt (H): what is this for?
Client (C): it’s a makeshift noose, good idea eh?
(H): well no, not really. What are your plans for it?
(C): I think that’s fairly obvious
(H): you do realise the way it’s set up, if you do it there’s a point of no return
(C): yeah, that’s kinda the point
(H): it’s your property but would you be willing to give it to me
(C): no, that’s not an option
(H): ok, I had to ask. You have all the out of hours emergency numbers, would you call them if needed?
(C): to be honest, no, I wouldn’t
(H): ok, all I can ask is you keep yourself self and we are around for the next 4 hours if you need us.

So the question is, what would you as the htt have done in this situation?


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