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#PTSDChat 6: Coping Strategies

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Peer Support

@alwayzbossie “Absolutely @KateGillieART knowing someone is out there that I can reach out to at anytime is huge for me #PTSDChat”

Brad McKay @228Brad  17h17 hours ago

Aurora, Ontario

Together we are stronger. Reducing the stigma needs to be our primary goal. Trusted peer support the solution.  #ptsdchat

Art Therapy

@PTSD_Chat “#PTSDchat Adult colouring books are said to greatly help with managing stress and #PTSD http://www.rxcolor.com/adult-coloring-books-as-a-means-to-de-stress/ … #ArtTherapy #PTSD #Stress”

Imagine Wagon @ImagineWagon  May 27 Longmont, CO

“@KateGillieART: @imaginewagon @imaginewagon #ptsdchat Art is real. I trust it because it doesn’t have to be anything

Melanie Gessell @gessellmel  May 27

@PTSD_Chat @KateGillieART I encourage adults in DBT skills group to self soothe with colouring. Very therapeutic.




Box Breathing / Breathing Exercises

@PTSDPanda “deep breathing #ptsdchat

@PTSD_Chat @KateGillieART Yes, 4 count 4 times, in (4), hold (4), out (4) hold (4), repeat #ptsdchat

Trusting your Mental Health Team / Practitioner

@wwcawayne “#ptsdchat your greatest resource is you open your mind take a leap of faith with your #mentalhealth team get comfy with them”

#MakeDCListen™ @RickCanton  “Great point, @wwcawayne – holding back, not opening up completely with your team doesn’t give you the best opportunity for help. #PTSDchat”

Gardening & Garden Centres/Stores

@alwayzbossie “Gardening is great therapy I like to paint some & make everything fr I’m shadow boxes to pillows to quilts  #PTSDChat”



Mobile APPS

@PTSD_Chat “@DeptVetAffairs suggest the Mobile App: PTSD Coach – Anyone heard of it? #PTSDchat http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/materials/apps/PTSDCoach.asp … – can get it in @PlayStoreForum”

Exercise: From Martial Arts to Yoga get moving

@PTSD_Chat  “@DeptVetAffairs suggests #PTSDchat

Walking, jogging, swimming, weight lifting, &other forms of exercise often reduce physical tension”

FitMom @OksanaFit  May 27

#PTSDchat my coping skills have been weights and gym but I realize now I need more therapy #struggleisreal




V.E.T.S. @VETS78734  May 27

“@PTSD_Chat The mind is muscle too #EquineTraining assist w/knowing how to handle #PTSD triggers creating pathway to balance #PTSDchat”




bossiegurl @alwayzbossie  May 27

“If I leave my house it helps if I have someone w/me I always try to take 1 of my dogs #PTSDChat”



Mindfulness: training and practice 

Imagine Wagon @ImagineWagon  May 27 Longmont, CO

“@KateGillieART: #ptsdchat Mindfulness (MBSR) without meds. Co-occurring bipolar was undiagnosed, stigma prevented my seeing a psychiatrist”

Melanie Gessell @gessellmel  May 27

@KateGillieART @PTSDPanda emotion regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness and then exposure therapy can be helpful.




Imagine Wagon @ImagineWagon  May 27 Longmont, CO

“@KateGillieART:  #ptsdchat Meds, MBSR, and MMJ led me to poetry. And Bob Dylan.



Own your Recovery: Ignore the STIGMA

Wayne Johnston @wwcawayne  May 27

“#ptsdchat it’s best to be Eyore not Tigger in life learn to say Whatever. Be a Cheshire Cat and just grin great coping skills”

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