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I spent four decades of my life in the shadows of PTSD – there was no name for it for most of that time.  Only in recent years have psychiatric units come out of the basement sitting beside the morgue to be a respected branch of science.  No funding equaled no solutions, other than deflection, hiding and barely coping.  Yes, the neuroscience doctors found drugs – they discovered how Seratonin can help… but drugs are not the answer.  They do nothing to help us live with PTSD.  They are a sticking plaster for you who continue the STIGMA.


How does STIGMA affect us?  How does your attitude towards those with PTSD directly affect our ability to live happily and at peace, with understanding and support?  You make us afraid to open up.  When we do we are judged terribly.  You draw us out thinking we can trust and boom! you slap us hard.  You have no empathy for mental health, no compassion – only judgement.


You say you do.  You say you a lot of things.  Some of you even go to church on Sundays to let the world know how good you are.


Calling BS on the individuals and organizations who continue the STIGMA.

If you had created a society where our Traumatic Brain Injuries were accepted we would not be killing ourselves daily.  Look at the statistics and when you do don’t do what you normally do and say “I just don’t get how somebody could BE THAT SELFISH!”  Or, “What a coward!”

Yes, I know you think and say these things.  You say it in fact when you think you are amongst like minded individuals and all too often you are.  Suicide is not an act.  It is not the end game of a cognitive functioning brain, it is the act of desperation of somebody who simply cannot take one more trip to the flashbacks, the pain, the overwhelming terror, the never ending agony.  Walk a while in my mind and see the horrors I have and then let’s see how well you cope.

Truth is you won’t.

Only the brave can withstand the level of torment we do daily.

And for this you label us with god awful prejudice, judgement and criticism.  Until we take our own lives – at which point you tut-tut.

Want to make a difference?  Read this and join in the #PTSDChat.  Join the fight to kill the STIGMA and Break The Silence.  Or carry on being an ass.


Brad McKay (ret’d Staff Sergeant of York Regional Police: Special Advisor, Peer Support Services, CTR with

@228Brad  17h17 hours ago

Aurora, Ontario

Together we are stronger. Reducing the stigma needs to be our primary goal. Trusted peer support the solution.  #ptsdchat



Kate Smith @az_kate  Jun 3

My PTSD is related to military service but it’s also relating to something I’m scared to share #PTSDchat

PTSD Panda @PTSDPanda  Jun 3

@PTSD_Chat #ptsdchat I have childhood trauma and MST (military sexual trauma).

Kate Smith @az_kate  Jun 3

I also have MST #PTSDchat

PTSD Panda @PTSDPanda  Jun 3

@az_kate #ptsdchat I’ve have known others that got raped during deployment. So, so horrible. Mine happened in the states on base.

FitMom @OksanaFit  Jun 3

FitMom retweeted bossiegurl

It’s ok :-) I just see some things are the same. Like #dv #victims may share some fears #PTSDchat

PTSD Panda @PTSDPanda  Jun 3

@KateGillieART @az_kate #ptsdchat too hard to forgive when he has taken my childhood from me. I can’t get that back ever.




Kate Gillie @KateGillieART  Jun 3

#ptsdchat Veterans 50yrs after their war feel alive only when reliving their battles;holding the memory of their friends keeps them alive


Mike Carlson ♰ @LordMikeC  Jun 3

@PTSD_Chat Can I just say, as a fellow sufferer, it’s not the end! You can live a healthy normal life again! It will get better. #PTSDchat

bossiegurl @alwayzbossie  Jun 3

Alot of vets go back cause they don’t want to leave friends and unit behind they feel guilty about coming home #PTSDChat

Mike Carlson ♰ @LordMikeC  Jun 3

@PTSD_Chat You can never get over PTSD, but you can overcome it’s symptoms! Don’t ever give up! Never give in. #PTSDchat :)

Victoria Blaisdell @VBlaisdell  Jun 3

@PTSD_Chat #PTSDchat I think once you have PTSD it’s hard to move past it and it will always be there but it can get tolerable.

Abby @AbbyWave  Jun 3

Another example for repeated exposure is abuse survivors. #PTSDchat @rippleonthesea @PTSD_Chat




V.E.T.S. @VETS78734  20h20 hours ago

@PTSD_Chat Most frustrating to me, is that it can’t be overcome & it’s labeled “disorder”. ‘PTS’, we agree with. ‘D’, we don’t. #PTSDchat

Max Harris @ComVetwithPTSD  18h18 hours ago

Another stigma that really ticks me off:  because I have PTSD, people assume I’m mentally deficient.  Really?!? #ptsdchat

PTSD Panda @PTSDPanda  18h18 hours ago

#ptsdchat #ptsd is not a disorder. It’s a natural response to a traumatic experience. Maybe we need to drop the “d” in PTS.




Max Harris @ComVetwithPTSD  18h18 hours ago

I know I said it before – the Rambo Effect.  I’m tired of being considered a destabilizing force in the workplace.  #ptsdchat

Max Harris @ComVetwithPTSD  18h18 hours ago

All too often employers ignore the positive qualities. Last I heard, veterans weren’t the only ones with PTSD, why r we different? #ptsdchat

Charlie Heflin @I_RESQ_U  18h18 hours ago

When you have your own government perpetuating that Vets are a threat, how do you get past that stigma? #PTSDchat

Max Harris @ComVetwithPTSD  18h18 hours ago

The real issue is that due to lack of education, people fall back on the prevailing stereotypes, which date back to Vietnam… #ptsdchat




Wayne Johnston @wwcawayne  18h18 hours ago

#PTSDchat if ppl only knew it’s not the #mentalillness #PTSD that causes #suicide it’s the #stigma those that practice it are complicit

Kate Gillie @KateGillieART  18h18 hours ago

#ptsdchat Friendship, Love,Connections to Community, Acceptance, Understanding – these are the weapons to defeat PTSD-impossible with STIGMA





Wayne Johnston @wwcawayne  18h18 hours ago

#PTSDchat the real truth is we need 2 out ppl & orgs that practice #PTSD #stigma like we do racists only then will it end we just talk now

PTSD Panda @PTSDPanda  18h18 hours ago

#ptsdchat Education is best way to combat #PTSDstigma remember when we were afraid to touch AIDS patients. Education stopped that fear

Melanie Gessell @gessellmel  18h18 hours ago

@PTSD_Chat supports needed to dispel the shame of coming forward and sharing trauma for survivors #PTSDchat

Tim Grutzius @holisticff  18h18 hours ago

#ptsdchat I have also learned that the more I tell my story the easier it becomes to manage the ptsd

Wayne Johnston @wwcawayne  18h18 hours ago

#PTSDchat treat #stigma the way you would someone who uses the N word or makes lewd comments that’s the only way DONE WITH ” your not alone”

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