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‘The Strains of War’ – by Doc Gage (Combat Medic)

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Could Cannabis Be the Cure to Combat PTSD?

This is the question I have dedicated the rest of my life to finding out through research and networking with others who may also be sufering from post traumatic stress. Hello World! My name is Robert Gage Amsler, but to most including military and Veterans you can call me Doc Gage. I have been fortunate enough to be invited as an author/blogger for http://PTSDChat.org and I am very excited to be among such dedicated and supportive people within the PTS community. This is my Thank you to you;)

I have quite a unique story to share with you, in fact after returning from war July 2013 I decided to write a book about it. I came up with many reasons to do this, some made sense and some were a little off the wall but still necessary as I knew once my book was published to the world my life would never be the same. Not that it hadn’t changed drastically over the last decade or so anyways, I suppose perhaps it was time for me to find a new purpose in life…or maybe just a new war. This time that purpose found me, at least that’s how I look at it. What’s the difference between luck and divine intervention? For me, it’s simply perspective. Those moments in our lives when we only see something in a certain view like no one else does and we react to that situation like no one else would, because of where we were in our lives both mentally and physically at that exact moment. Sometimes those reactions are good decisions and sometimes they are not, but only in retrospect. At the time, it was always the right decision no matter how it was to turn out. Think on that for a minute;)

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this was what the Doctor told me after months of therapy. It wasn’t easy to accept, I still have a hard time with it…but I understand why. Writing my book was writing my life, I opened up a whole lot. I actually wrote over 150K words towards a novel, but then decided that being a part of the cannabis community it would be a better read if it was cut short and kept constant with action and information. It was quite therapeutic and I went through every emotion possible, and in the end I had a much better understanding of myself and my mission in life. This is one reason why I decided to blog, it seems to help writing down my thoughts for others to draw information from. As an advocate for the health and welfare of our military Veterans as well as for the legalization of cannabis I know very well the incredible people I am going to meet while blogging. Like I said in the beginning I have a pretty unique story to share if you haven’t read it yet. I believe a good way to start this new blog is to give my press release below. I look forward to this new adventure with you all!!

Book Press Release:

Available on Amazon & Kindle

The Strains of War Is the Provoking New True Story Released by a Veteran Struggling to Cultivate a Cure and Recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A solider going to war knows to expect the unexpected, and R.’Doc’ Gage Amsler encountered a lot of expected and unexpected trauma during his time in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan working in/in support of the United States military forces. But he also stumbled upon a legendary cure hidden in the mountains along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan – the Hindu Kush. He’d heard plenty about this mystical strain of cannabis working as a long time medic… but how much of it was true? Could this particular strain really be the salvation to PTSD? Could he cultivate it? Could he even get it home safely?

Doc Gage had no doubt of the need for an effective treatment for PTSD for Vets. It’s no secret that too many of those who have served their country suffer for it for the rest of their lives with flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, a sense of detachment from loved ones, and difficulty functioning in day to day life. He knows how devastating PTSD can be because his own experiences in the military serving in combat areas have left him with PTSD. Across the US, military veterans with PTSD just aren’t getting the help they need. Left to fend for themselves thorough the struggle to re-join civilian society after experiencing the horrors of war, too many find themselves marginalized, isolated and unable to hold down a job due to their PTSD symptoms. Could Gage Amsler have the cure? Could the strain of cannabis he brought back from the Hindu Kush help his fellow vets recover and return to full and rewarding lives?

Powerful Plant and Personal Pain The Strains of War is about much more than a plant that can help those suffering from PTSD. This is one man’s remarkable story before and after his amazing find in the mountainous border territory between Pakistan and Afghanistan. R. Gage Amsler had a troubled life before he became a medic. In fact, he joined the military to change his life because his other option seemed to be dying on the street. His roller coaster like career path also includes stints in the fire department, as a defense contractor and in the automotive-industry. His personal life has been even more chaotic. Along the way, he gained and lost many friends and divorced twice. He missed seven years of his daughter’s life to the chaos. But through it all, he has been on a quest for inner peace. Follow his adventures and misadventures on the quest to develop this cannabis cure in The Strains of war.

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