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The walking wounded

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Something that has been brought back to me by someone who I care about loads about is that survivors of atrocities come in all shapes and sizes, and can take a tole on anyone. She gave up her place on the course we are on because she had a set back with her health and it reminded me that we can all be on a tether… We are the walking wounded. We are the people who get hurt and though our physical scars may heal but the mental ones never seem to go away.

Service men and women get a lot of flak for being part of the walking wounded club because the idea is that they are strong, tough, ready for anything but the truth is they bleed red just like you and I. Just because they are strong and tough and lead the “squaddie” life style makes them no less vulnerable to pressures and stressers then you or I. We should be helping our service men and women who join the walking wounded club because you know what, they are paying the ultimate price.

A service person deals with things in one of 3 ways, they die, they leave, they are medically discharged. These people pay the ultimate price to their health or their life. They struggle with their relationships and potentially end up on the streets because they are unable to survive outside the armed forces.

If you know of any service man or woman who is struggling alternatively know someone who may be getting out or is currently service, please thank them for their service.

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