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You’ve Made It Through Another Day

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Watching the World imagining it through eyes that are PTSD free..

Fighting off the triggers, flashbacks of traumas are all too familiar to me.

I know the battle of wanting to be healed, trying to make these PTSD symptoms go away…

But just when you thought you couldn’t…you’ve made it through another Day!

Feeling like giving up because you feel nobody understands you..

But there are a lot of other people out there just like me and you.

The sun will rise the sun will set but yet the battle will still remain..

Of trying to understand this complicated PTSD brain.

Through it all you always make it through..

Just when you want to give up you can’t there is something inside of you.

Be proud of yourself and always stay strong..You are a true fighter and braver than you know..

Be who you are ALWAYS even if friends come and go.

When I see the face of those with PTSD I can absolutely relate.. I know the story may vary..

But here at #PTSDchat you are not alone..PTSD is not your burden to carry.

Connect with others that will be there to support you..

A buddy system.. someone to help you through.

This life we have been given may change our lives in every single way..

But stay strong you brave fighter..You’ve made it through another day.


*If you need encouragement, advice, resources or support Welcomes you with open arms..You DON’T have to fight this alone! Please contact me at and I will introduce you to the AMAZING #PTSDchat Family.*


PTSDchat is a place free of judgement. Free of agendas.  Open to new ideas.  Kindness.  Support.  Friendship.  Resources.

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