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Blogging Basics: A Guide for Blogging On #PTSDchat

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Hi Everyone!

Lead blogger LJ Astoria here! At #PTSDchat we are growing FAST and with the new Authors being added I wanted to create a “Go To” on getting started here on #PTSDchat. IF you aren’t an Author and would like to write with us Please contact me at: We are looking for PTSD bloggers!

#PTSDchat Is a place free of judgement. Free of agendas.  Open to new ideas.  Kindness.  Support.  Friendship.  Resources.

(If you have already created a user name and have been made and Author you can skip this step)

Creating A User Name:

  1. Creating a user name.. You can do so by clicking this link ->
  2. After creating a user name you will need to email me at ->
  3. I will email you back to let you know you’ve become an Author and give you further instructions

How To Set Up Your Profile:

  1. Use your username and password to log into #PTSDchat *User name cannot be changed*
  2. On the right hand side click on “profile”
  3. Fill in your basic info and if you are uncomfortable using your real name feel free to use a “pen name”
  4. Please include a bit about yourself in the “biographical info”
  5. Add the links to any social media you have, it’s a great way to connect with others
  6. Select a profile picture and press save

How To Start Blogging:

    1. On the left hand side click “posts”
    2. “Add new”
    3. On the blog page add a “title” for your blog
    4. Then you can start writing your blog
    5. After you are finished there are a few things you will need to do BEFORE you Publish your blog to the site
    6. On the right hand side you will see “Categories” with a list of options, choose the one that fits your blog best
    7. Under Categories is a section called “Tags” that will make it easier for people to find your blogs. Use the word Latest to add your blog to the Home Page ‘Latest Blog Contributions’ section as well as add some examples tags like: EMDR, healing, survivor, etc.. etc… then click add
    8. Skip select a template
    9. Skip Featured Image Show/Hide it should always be on show by default
    10. Under that is “Featured Image” (You will need a featured image to publish your blog)
    11. Click on “select a featured image”, if you have one you can upload one. If you need one there are free images at
    12. If you would like to use any of CFO Kate Gillies art please email her at
    13. After your image is uploaded and you give your blog one last scan you can go ahead and hit “PUBLISH”.
    14. You will be given a direct link to your blog, you can also find your blogs under your Author page as well
    15. Your blogs will go to the #PTSDchat Twitter and Facebook page as well.
    16. Lastly Please share your blogs with others to reach many others. You can do so via Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.. #PTSDchat has over 60,000 views a MONTH! We are reaching many others and it is an AMAZING feeling!

Watch this short video to show you how to blog! 

How To Upload A Video Blog:

  1. Do steps 1-3 on the “How To Start Blogging” section, but instead of writing a blog, write a brief description about your video.
  2. You may add a video you have posted on Youtube onto the blogging area by using the YouTube embeded code
  3. To find your embeded code Please go to your YouTube video you are wanting to upload
  4. Under your video there will be an option to share
  5. Click share
  6. It will then say “Share” “Embed” or “Email” you want the embeded code, so copy that link
  7. Now back on your #PTSDchat post towards the top under add media
  8. Click the insert link
  9. Then choose “Insert/edit video”
  10. When you click that option embed will be another tab
  11. Click embed and paste the embed link from your YouTube Video.
  12. Follow steps 6-16 on the “How To Start Blogging”

If anyone has any questions they can email me at I look forward to reading all the latest blogs, watching the latest video blogs and also..Finding new Authors to join on!

  • LJ Astoria


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