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Welcome to the World of Holistic Wellness

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Greetings to all who will read this post,

My name is Tim Grutzius and I am a 22 year veteran of the fire service and was diagnosed with PTSD two years ago.  Kate asked me to take on the responsibilities of sharing my knowledge of holistic wellness with all of you.  Today, I am going to outline the vision I have associated with this task.

  1. I am going to begin by sharing my story of what triggered my PTSD in the video attached to this blog.  It is less than 10 minutes long but is well worth watching so you can understand me as a person.
  2. A subsequent post will include and hour long webinar that I  participated as a guest speaker which outlines in detail my healing journey which is ongoing to this very day.  The holistic modalities I discuss are what help me to maintain a balanced life as well as manage my PTSD.
  3. I will then ask each one of my healers to submit a blog post where they talk about their respective vocations in an educational format.
  4. I will follow up with a post where I talk about my personal experience with the healing effects of each modality.
  5. Long term I would like to have each practitioner participate on the call in show where they can field Q and A.
  6. Ultimately, I want to record my healing sessions as they happen so I can share them with you all.

My hope is that through education, all who read this blog will become comfortable with the topic of holistic health and healing.  The information that will be presented is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or behavioral health issue.  You must always consult your licensed healthcare provider prior to participating in any holistic healing modality to ensure that it is not contraindicated to prescribed protocols you are currently following.  Never discontinue any medications without first consulting your personal physician.

The following video was created for the Illinois Firefighter Peer Support team that I belong to as a volunteer.  The video may be triggering to those that view it so you must do so at your own discretion.   I look forward to sharing what I know as this is my way of paying it forward to those that continue to help me heal.


In health and wellness,




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