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How to Find Your “Windows” on a Resilient Journey

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“As I look back on these 10 years, I can’t wish that life would have stayed the course I planned for myself.  I see that every thing that’s happened – every beautiful twist and turn – has made me who I am today.  And I like who I am.”


Last year, I had the honor and privilege to meet with some inspiring artists who had also been through trauma, to collaborate on Beechwood Art’s Immersion Salon:  “Resilience”.

I was so touched by how these artists live every day as an affirmation of life and have healed through their art.   You can read more about the Salon Immersions that Beechwood Arts have done in the past here: Arts Immersion Salons with Salons Around the World.

I wrote a series of monologues, “Windows of Resilience” to convey the various peaks and valleys of my beautiful detour over the past decade.

Resilience – what does resilience mean to you?

As all of the “resilient” artists put our heads together and thought about the best way to artistically represent “Resilience” we were asked what visual image comes to mind.

I said, I imagine resilience to be walking very slowly and steadily with this dogged energy through crashing tidal waves, and you can see a fierce light ahead of you, but just a tiny pinprick of light shooting straight towards your gut, your soul.

Weeping Waters Amy Oestreicher no watermark

Here is the specific Resilience Salon Description.

You see it, and just keep walking towards it, and there is some sort of universal spirit above you, holding up the crown of your head, like a bright neon hot electric string, so you stay upright, and you have this intuitive trust in a greater energy pushing you forward, and an energy pulling you upwards, so you are unable to fall back or get tossed by the waves, whatever you do.

My paintings always have hearts and tears – sadness is a relief sometimes, because at least I can feel something.  And feeling anything on this earth fills me with aliveness and gratitude.

Learn more about my program and performance at and check out my TEDx Talk.

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