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Smoothing out, in rough times.

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Immediately, I jumped up and tapped the button to turn off the alarm clock, I hadn’t remembered setting the thing, so it was really annoying this morning. I found that simply turning it off, and not worrying about whether or not I got up on time, was irrelevant, after all, this was a special day. I was going to the beach, laying out in the sun, and listening to 12 hours of poetry and music which I recorded for just such an occasion. No work, just me and the sea.

Make a note of why you, should be a focus of your attentions from time to time, because for every second which you live, you will do so, as yourself! Not just a person who may or may not be, you. We’re all here you know, it is a task to be seen and to be heard because of our individuality, but we are still interconnected, not just accidental.

I need to tell his to everyone here, but especially to those who are feeling particularly left out of life. It’s not all bad! There are many parts of life that are so fascinating and so impressive that to miss out on all of it, means that you have deprived yourself of the truest gift that we have: that being, choices.

One of my joys is to listen to musicians make a musical instrument dance its tune into my ears. I like expressive players, and they are too numerous to mention, I wouldn’t want to leave out anyone. I love the sounds of Itzhak Perlman, as he crafts the crisp and precise fingering of notes most wouldn’t even know that the violin can produce. Or the sounds of Nathan East, as he plays the bass guitar in such smooth and melodic ways.

One other thing that I have insisted upon doing daily since the time I was a child, is laughing, and I mean laughing hard enough to have trouble catching my breath! Or hard enough to spray milk out of my nose. I do this, by watching cartoons. ( I really like the old Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote) tracks, they crack me up. I can only fall apart when he asks Yosemite Sam: “What’s up, DOC!” and Sam loses his mind. It lays me out. I love that I can still laugh at cartoons, it’s one thing that I never lost, my ability to laugh.

I laughed when I was diagnosed, and I laughed when I was told of possible fatality, I laughed when a lot of things happened, which should have made me at least take a long pause. Laughter has been the most constant companion I’ve had, coming along in life. I would not be here now if I couldn’t have found a way to put the laughter in front of the pains in my life.

God is a help. I know God is such an abstract subject for so many of us, but the way I look at it; I exist, so God can as well. I didn’t create myself, so what;s the harm in believing in a merciful and a loving creator?

This is not about religion, though, I’ll have to go there, on another occasion.

But to make my point again; it really isn’t all bad. Find the things that are soothing to the rough spots you’ve been experiencing, and use them to smooth it out.

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