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PTSD Poetry

Full Circle

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One if by lack

Two if by “love”

Three if by horrors you’d never’ve thought of


Why does it start

And how does it end

The first answer…”foe”, the second one…”friend”


Lying awake

In my bed at night

I toss and I turn, visions give me a fright


I feel you are near

I define you as “home”

I’m no more abandoned, I’m no more alone


Tho it doesn’t mean

That you mended my heart

What you did do…is to give that a start


While you’re pulling me

Through the eye of the storm

I see that I’m peaceful, I’m safe, and I’m warm


But I know too well

This is not where it ends

So, eternally grateful that I have my “friends”


For without your guidance

Your love and kind acts

I could have been just a number…a “fact”


I deserve better,

As do we all

So we each must answer…that email, that call


Don’t turn from the help

Of that someone who cares

It’s your earthly salvation through someone who dares


In time, you’ll grow stronger

And reach out a hand

To brothers and sisters, as part of the band


You’ll come Full Circle

In your own time

Aiding others who follow, to their quandaries define


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