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PTSD, Speculation, and Infringements on Survivors

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To the makers of dsiscriminatory laws against those with PTSD:

Did I hear this correctly?  In a certain isolated instance, for now, someone is prohibited from driving due to being diagnosed with PTSD?  Taking a driver’s license away from someone with PTSD on speculation is the equivalent of taking away a heart patient’s license because he/she might have a heart attack or a diabetic’s because the chance of low blood sugar leading to blacking out could happen while driving…  What kind of “safe” world are you trying to create, and for whom?  There is risk in life…deal with it… responsibly.  Those with PTSD are no more dangerous than anyone else with a medical problem…you, perhaps.

What you know:  I haven’t figured that out yet.

What you evidently don’t know:  Enough about PTSD and it’s survivors to make decisions for them.

Denying capable people with the need to transport themselves to appointments, to get the items they need to live as everyone else does, and to work, is cruel.  Those you are trying to paint as suddenly incapable “freaks of nature” work responsibly at all types of jobs, and have probably saved your day and maybe even your life or your family member’s, all the while being unrecognized by you as having PTSD.  In erroneously denying survivors the chance to live independently, you are denying their very rights and freedoms.  That is what should be made criminal!

You are not God, so stop acting as though you are…  You, yourselves, in fact and in action, are much more dangerous and worrying to me than those with PTSD ever could be.  Many of the people you are demeaning would by work, by nature, and by capability save your life if you needed them, by giving their own lives, if need be.  They have already promised to give much or all for others in many ways.  Look at the hours many put in, for a start, and the dangerous situations some of them go into so that you can remain safe at home with your family.  Stop trying to steal from these good, productive people their lives and what peace they have, and stop finding new ways to block their healing.

I understand that maybe some of you are misguided and are making decisions you may actually believe are for the greater good.  They are not.  You are creating an initial wave of an epidemic of infringement and misunderstanding toward innocent people who happen to bear internal, instead of external, scars.  And who’s next after that?

One symptom of PTSD can be the inability to be in crowds, such as in using public transportation.  Another symptom is feeling trapped in different ways, requiring the ability to move freely to a “safe” and more comfortable location or situation.  Taking their control of their surroundings away does PTSD survivors great harm.  Consider their needs as people and citizens, and reconsider your decision.

My “PTSD people” are some of the safest people I have ever known.  In a crisis, I am running to safety…away from the misinformed.  I will run toward the caring, capable individuals I know and can depend on who happen to have PTSD.  They have always been the proven, trusted, willing-to-help ones there for me when I needed them.  I suggest you follow my lead…

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