Rights, belong to the individual, privileges, are the state's. Which do you want? | #PTSDchat

Rights, belong to the individual, privileges, are the state’s. Which do you want?

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We elect people into political offices, and they are allegedly there to protect the rights of the people who have given to them, this gift. we have allowed for the governments we elect, to legislate us into a pen of sorts, that pen being the limitations of our humanity, based upon the assumption that anyone who is in office, has the authority to remove our human rights.

No government, no person, no system which is dismissive of our rights to live freely and openly without the threat of reprisals and restrictions because of intrusive policies, can be allowed to pervert individual autonomy. These abusive systems and policies, must not go unchallenged, it is not patriotic to agree with every policy, this, is slavery of the free-will of an individual.

Now, we are facing the probability of a new wave of government intrusion: what to do, with the sufferers of PTSD. This affliction is abusive upon the person, it destroys the relative feelings which are necessary to feel safe within oneself. How in the world can a victim be characterized as a threat to society? Only when the desires of full citizen control are the goal of the governments which are involved. Will we be cowed into a fearful position, which will allow every person to be labeled, or will we demean the will of an oppressive system?

Think of this: art, is still under that attacks of those who have assumed that their points of view, and that their feelings are tantamount to being seen as potent enough to create a policy against what they deem to be “obscene”. Does this make any sense? No; but it is allowed because it seems to be easier for too many people to sit idly by, staying out of the importance of debating a subject, than to get and to stay involved, taking the chance of being talked about in a bad way.

We must read-between-the-lines: OK, a paramedic, a first responder, a member of what I refer to as the “Angel Corps”, has her license taken away, because it is assumed that she “might” be a threat to public safety. Uh huh…sure…right! Conversely, however; soldiers whom they KNOW are symptomatic, are recycled to active combat status, where they have total and free access to devices which are designed for the specific task of causing damage and  death, and then, when they come home, are dismissed and forgotten, but not denied access to society, they are not de-licensed, nor are they prohibited from purchasing weapons, even though they are apt to strike out, violently. Hmm, curious, and ,frightening; NOT a good combination.

This is a real war we are fighting. The one inside of us, and the external one which is so obviously being test-run, to see the operational parameters it must take, in order to become acceptable to those who will be made to feel as though they are potential victims, of those people who aren’t even a danger to them in the first place! We know who are the dangerous elements, we need to find the strength of character, to be united in the goals of human proportionality and become willing to think inclusively. we have run out of time to live in denial.

We need to become self-preservational in our characters. And in this, we must be unified.

I pray for every one of you, daily, and I mean this, sincerely.

Oh, and in answer to the title question: I;m all for, RIGHTS!

Love, respect, honor and response.

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