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What If (Please Stay)

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About fifteen years ago, I started talking to people about PTSD.  I wanted to help relieve the emotional pain I saw in others.  My thinking was that since I understood from personal experience how some symptoms of PTSD felt, I had a better chance to take away some of the pain.  It was something I had to do because if I was in the pain I felt daily, then how much more pain were others in who had all of PTSD to deal with constantly?

PTSDchat.org with its show, chat additional discussions and all the rest was just like a dream of mine that I could never have made happen.  I had been wondering if my dream of helping had ended.  Then came PTSDchat.org.  It was like hearing God say, “You wanted it, so here it is.  Now do something with it to help.”

A decade and a half after I started on my own, the dream reawakened, and presented itself to me.  What a definition of “in God’s time”.  So understand that I am not writing this on spec, I am living the actual dream…after fifteen years!

Never give up…never quit…whatever your need or your dream…no matter how long it has been…it can still happen!  So stick around and know for yourself what success feels like…

If things are not going well in your life, don’t end it, talk to someone…


What If (Please Stay)

What if we just haven’t met yet and when we do, things will be better?

What if you are so much like this handful of amazing people I call friends that you’ll fit right in?

What if you are silent because of the pain, and something will cause you to start talking, helping you and others?

What if you will save lives by telling your story (but only if you are still here)?

What if your family would miss you in every remaining event of their lives?

What if somebody loves you, or is in love with you, and you don’t even realize it (it happens more often than you know)?

What if you don’t “leave permanently”, but instead give potential friendships or relationships the chance to grow?

What if your purpose in life is scheduled to show itself in just a little while?

What if you are the gift God intended for someone else?

What if your heart and soul can actually mend?

For these reasons, and so many others…

Please Stay…


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