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We have been lied to and it’s dangerous, for all of us!

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When this word is used in conjunction with God, I’m totally on board, because having no reason to believe otherwise, I can safely assume that there is a possibility that a supreme power of some sort, is responsible for what we call “existence”.

However, when I hear these same words thrown at me from a medical authority, I hesitate to jump to the action. I am being asked to have a blind ability to accept that the treatment being prescribe to me is actually going to be beneficial in some way.

I will add a few tidbits from some of the experts from the psychiatric field, you will be quite “inspired” by what will follow, I can tell you with assuredness that these words kicked me into my midsection!


To ensure that psychiatry “permeate every educational activity of national life” and “infiltrate the professional and social activities of [all] people” was a global goal that originated with British Brigadier General Dr. John Rawlings Rees in a 1940 speech to the National Council for Mental Hygiene. He ended on an ominous note: “Though our knowledge be incomplete … I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity.” 1

I am not very surprised at this report. I am actually a bit less angry than would be someone who has never given this subject much thought. The subject being that of Psychiatry, as a legitimate scientifically proven discipline. The above statement confirms the argument as I have stood on the side of for many years: psychiatry is a most fraudulent, and dangerously accepted science, which is more an art-form than it is an applicable science. I had hoped that I was just thinking in an incorrectly conspiratorial manner, but no, I was correct, all along!

I have been pumped with variously prescribed chemical concoctions, none of which has completed the job of making me feel any better, as a matter of fact, they make me feel less me, and more disconnected from whatever it is I can call normal.

I cannot tell if the intention is to make me or anyone else for that matter into an automaton, but the words of the world’s leading “experts” in the conferences which had been conducted in the 1940s sure seem to have wanted this as the outcome of psychiatry.

Canadian colleague Dr. Brock Chisholm chimed in with sinister comments of his own at the close of the war in 1946, in a speech to the World Federation of Mental Health. He argued for “freedom from morality” and the “eventual eradication of right and wrong.” Such traditional upbringing was making children ill, he insisted. “If the race is to be freed of its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.”

Rees and Chisholm had company—in political, educational, journalistic, marketing, and military circles, most ensconced within interconnected foundations, associations, and “research centers” (foreign and domestic). They became Rees’ and Chisholm’s enablers. Together, they created Rees’ dream: “a controlled psychological environment.”

Today, the Department of Defense has a new name for it: “perception management” (or “PM”), and the psycho-pharmaceutical industry has hit the jackpot.2


let us think about the ramifications from such an agenda:

  1. authorized corruption of the individual will
  2. corrupt militarily organized human rights abuses
  3. wars purposely inflicted to provide guinea pigs for inhuman research
  4. altered states of mind, which may and have been shown to increase violent behaviors
  5. taxpayer subsidized experimentation on unknowing and unwilling subjects
  6. practical slave participants in so far as military personnel who have no choice other than to participate.
  7. A generation of drug-altered people, who are being categorized intentionally, and the government knows about the situation.
  8. Fraudulent treatments, with no data through legitimate research in finding the ways in which the victim has been injured.
  9. Lump-summing an entire group of people as “mentally damaged” when in truth, these people have been injured, and need help in healing.


We are all expected to trust the process. We are told that it takes one some time to get to where we will feel better. Now, maybe, we know that this so-called disorder, was one which was purposely perpetrated upon victims, and then categorized as a group dynamic in lieu of actually treat and heal people who are in pain.


I am appalled to a degree which has not optionally acceptable way for me to describe! Imagine, the victims of rape, incest, child abuse, torture, the dismantling of one’s emotional safety of any kind, being labeled as mentally ill, and as such, a “possible” danger to self or society. And all of this, the result of a purposefully inserted program of mental abusively intended “science”. You too should be upset at the very possibility of this being true! Let me go so far as to remind each of you, that it has not been so long ago, that the asylums of torturous “treatments” were readily and openly available for anyone who was labeled by an “expert”. Even pregnant mothers who were unwed were forced into these types of sanitariums for their “own good”!

Remember, we allow the government to tell us what is or is not good for us because we have been indoctrinated to trust whatever it tells us. Whenever anyone offers questions of any policy, they are labeled a conspiracy theorist or any number of other subversive terms which can be applied.

I am an injured person. I am not a disease carrier!

We are an advertisement led society. If it is on that damned television, it has to be legitimate, if we read it in print, it has to be true. We are truly desensitized to our own sense of autonomy when it comes to imaginative thought and the processing of information.


PTSD, or as I call it “PTSIS” (Post Traumatic Stress Injury Syndrome” because I am not a disorder, I am a victim who needs to find healing and not drugs which make y life even worse than it was before I began ingesting the substances!

For every person who is in the grips of emotional pain caused by a trauma of some sort, we can have a life again, but it takes real treatment to heal any wound, NOT placebos and possibly dangerous coverup drugs to mask our ability to sense the pain.

Imagine taking an aspirin that is actually a ”Tic Tac®”, when the pain would not let up, a person could make any assumption as t why this is the case. The obviousness of the lack of having taken an aspirin is not known, so taking another one is the usual action which one would take. More and more drugs, for less and less relief. Even the real drugs are not known as to what they actually accomplish, because psychiatry, does not perform clinical tests of any kind!

Anyone who is seeing a psychiatrist, think hard: has this person ever ordered a blood test, a scan of any kind, or any other clinical testing which might find a physiological or physical reason for your ailment? I know mine has not!

It is up to each person to decide, but to decide o what? That question haunts me, every second, of every day.

Peace, all!



1As quoted from an article in “The New American” by: Beverly K. Eakman

2As quoted from an article in “The New American” by: Beverly K. Eakman

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