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Treatment: terror, tyranny, or false science?

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This is the word that is used to make us believe that the people who are in the business of mind research, are actually accomplishing good outcomes for people who have any type of alterations to what is thought to be normal. We are exposed to the whims of a self-proven sham scientific community which has been distinguished by the fact that its biggest stars have admitted to its complicity in  crimes against humanity! This may sound harsh, but the thing to think most completely about this statement lies in what should carry with it a frightening undertone: it’s the truth!

Follow the trail of crumbs, and we  are all no more than cartoon characters to these modern-day “Mad Scientists”. In 1940, learned men of the psychiatric field colluded to create a falsified “science” in order to create their “perfect society”. Drs. Rees, and Chisholm were the fatherly starters of what is now known as Perception Management. (PM) Please, do not take my word for this, look it up for your own knowledge. These two were evil with a slant toward sadism which is almost unheralded in the history of humankind’s history!

This is how it is accomplished today, and I think many if not all of us, can agree to this as being accurate: BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY: term used to describe psychiatrists who view mental disorders as physical—caused by the brain or chemical imbalance—which justifies the use of brain-altering drugs to treat them. From biology: the science of living things; the study of plant and animal life.1

read this over and maybe even again, because it identifies the “ghost in the machine” of our trying to find healing.

I think about this a lot, because it affects me, my family, my friends, and as well strangers whom I’ve never met, and it is being thrust upon society, that those of us who are injured and in need of emotional healing, are somehow the next “possible” dangers to our society. Psychiatrists who follow the “unholy duo’s” tactics and thought lines, are the truly dangerous ones, the ones to fear, and NOT the sufferers of emotional trauma and its after-effects!

Ask yourself this: How did people get the impression that parents are “nonprofessionals” and therefore basically incompetent to rear their children without help from mental­health specialists and child experts? Where did we get the idea that being sad about one’s circumstances was a clinical condition to be “cured” with a drug? Or that feeling “overwhelmed” was an indication of longstanding anger requiring anger­management counseling? Or how about that child with the irritating habit of clicking his pen repeatedly, or kicking his foot as he sits at his desk, or passing notes to classmates when he is supposed to be listening to the teacher? How did people decide that he is, in fact, “hyperactive,” and that he needs treatment to address these annoying behaviors? Well, we learned this information from commercials, featuring a household news anchor or sports figure, telling us that, by golly, we can “beat depression — just like I did” by getting psychiatric counseling and drugs. Parenting articles, including those that came in your Sunday paper, poured forth “expert” advice via articles, advertisements, and editorials — all promoting the notion that people “have” (as in “disease”) attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, a reading disorder (dyslexia), and so forth, until, as best­selling author­-researcher David Baldacci put it in an addendum to his recent thriller, a major untruth was instituted with such speed and ubiquity that it overpowered the rational mind. At this point, no amount of proof to the contrary,  delivered after the fact, seems to make the slightest dent in public perception to the effect that none of what the public  heard and read is true at all.  

That is PM at its finest!2

I have added this blog posting and the one previous because I cannot stand the process of being misled, it angers me, and this is NOT a symptom of my syndrome, it is just something that pisses me off, I’m human!

Disorder, this tears me a little because of the connotations of somehow I may be contagious.

DISORDER: abnormal condition. In medicine, specific things exist for calling a condition a disease. In addition to a group of symptoms, the cause of the symptoms or some understanding of their physiology (functions and activities)) should be established. A “fever” is not a disease but a symptom of an illness. In the absence of a known cause or physiology, a group of symptoms seen repeatedly in many different patients is a syndrome, or sometimes referred to as disorder In psychiatry GLOSSARY OF TERMS 4 their diagnoses are called disorders because none of them are established diseases.

When someone is said to be suffering from a syndrome, it seems less dangerous to the public, it sounds like something to be helped along and out of the person’s life. Disorder? “Stay away from me, you might be catching!” I heard these words from many children when I was growing up, anything that seemed different, was something to be made fun about. This is a learned thing, not something that people just want to do, without the pressure of a coercive force of some kind.

We have al been through a storm of some sort, so no one here is just an innocent bystander. but this is not a statement of our complicity. For the most part, we have suffered some sort of assault, it could be so infinitesimally small to some on else, but a major and debilitating factor for someone else! We are not alone in our suffering until we face it as the individual and not a group member. After a funeral, after the repast, after the people have all gone home, the most aggrieved is left alone. Now the thoughts turn to the pain of the loss, and the loneliness. This is how I suffer  PTSD, (PTSIS), I suffer it internally, alone. until I come to the chats!

I am curious as to whether or not anything these Drs. will do for me, or for anyone else, is actually going to be beneficial to the person? It’s a minefield for those who have already been injured, and it seems to me, from their own words, that it is being purposely done to all of us!

My best statement tonight is that I…am NOT an “expert” I am not a psychiatrist and I am not a demigod who wants to be worshiped for his degrees and low-browed talks. I am a person, who has been injured, and I seek a level of relief, and I know that the people who I am so fortunate to have met here, are attempting to accomplish similar objectives.

Peace, and REACH, we’ll be  here.




1. from “The New Face of Psychiatry”  by Beverly K. Eakman

2.   from “The new face of Psychiatry” Beverly K. Eakman

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