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Self-advocacy IS my only option, so…I’ll do that, please!

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Yes, if you have watched even the first ten minutes of this video, you should be very frightened as to what might happen next, to all of us who are being classified as “disordered” persons. My goodness, if they can just make stuff up about whether or not any person is actually ill or injured, legitimately dangerous or simply in the midst of a reaction to the underlying injury from which they are suffering, the psychiatric field could enslave a majority of the population and there would be no legal means by which anyone could reverse the trend!

Look at it this way for just a few moments: I tell you I am buying you a puppy, I bring him to you, and then, he urinates on your floor. Natural for any animal who is lacking any other location in which it can handle this chore. But I tell you that the dog is defective, simply based on my having been annoyed at the fact that the dog did this. Now I tell you, I need to quarantine the dog for “His protection”. This is the level of bullshyte the psychiatric profession is pushing on top of those of us who are hurting and in need of care-to-healing, and not treatment for experimentation and money production!

The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, is strongly advocating for changes in treatment modalities, and the definitions that are so ludicrously made up from thin air! They are vigorously attempting to educate the public, because in truth, the government doesn’t give a good damn about any of us! If you’re loyal to your government, this is a problem you will soon find is a reed house, built on a shoreline that disappears for 23.5 hours a day! What I am saying here, is that your loyalties must be redirected toward self, or you too, will fall into this pit which has been allowed to be opened, redefined as to what its purpose is, widened, deepened, and redefined again and again. Let one voice of reason get into the room, and they silence it through ridicule and reputation dismantling!

right now, the DSM-IV is the last of their “holy” books. it is as useful as reading the legislation being passed through the senate and the congress. In the meantime, anything that can be labeled is being done so, no matter how benign the action may be, it can be labeled a “disorder” and therefore have a need to be “treated”. Wounds need to be healed, treatment of wounds leads to the death of the patient. I know, I’ve been there.

I am angry about this, and the more research I do into the medical profession which is tasked with my treatment, the more so I become! Oh, and here, is a link to the manual, download it and read it for yourself. If you print it out on fine paper, it’ll will eventually be of use to you!

DSM-V was put on hold, because many of the top psychiatric professionals have been coming forward and telling the truth that the book is no more than a good source of scraps for cleaning various spills and such!

they say that WE are living in fantasy-land! I am seeing a despicable trend toward not asking questions, not demanding truthful answers, and suffering needlessly because we are being taught t keep our mouths shut! I refuse this, out-of-hand, and will now be a loud voice, I hope that I won’t be alone, but if so, I’ll still be a pest to thse liars!

Taken from “ website”.

Psychiatrists can’t predict what adverse side effects you might experience because not one of them knows how their drugs work.

Psychotropic drugs are increasingly being exposed as chemical toxins with the power to kill. Psychiatrists claim their drugs save lives, but according to their own studies, psychotropic drugs can double the risk of suicide. And long-term use has been proven to create a lifetime of physical and mental damage, a fact ignored by psychiatrists.

Common and well-documented side effects of psychiatric drugs include mania, psychosis, hallucinations, depersonalization, suicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and sudden death.

Not only that, but The US Food and Drug Administration admits that probably one to ten percent of all the adverse drug effects are actually reported by patients or physicians.

Yes, I can see every reason I can come up with to trust these monsters, oh yes!

I was prepared to kill myself. ME! Not strangers from atop a school tower or a store full of innocent people, no, it was me who was going to die that say! now, I get to listen to a bunch of know-nothing do-nothings, who have only the acquisition of position and money as their motivation? NO, thank you, I think I’ll take what’s behind door number, anyone but any of the one on their stage, thank you!

these people are the monsters I’ve never been able to identify in my nightmares! Yes, this is they!

Hey, I AM being hard on these folks, but I have to be. They are lying to me, to you, to our families, the public

the government, hell, even to one another, so what’s not to be hard on them about?

Stigma, marginalization of injured people, stagnation of true treatment elements. It all adds up, and with time running out, I don’t want to waste my time in trying to be nice! Only to us, of course!

I may be a bit gruff about this subject, but it is only directed at the condition, and at the phoniness of those people who are lying when they say that they know what can help us, when in truth, they don’t know.

I need help to heal, I know this may never fully happen, but I know that it’s worth trying to accomplish.

Peace to PTSDchat family, and seek the ways of inner tranquility.








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