This is why I'm not buying in on treatment. I love myself too much! | #PTSDchat

This is why I’m not buying in on treatment. I love myself too much!

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What are the qualifications for being seen as an expert in any particular subject or field?


My psychiatrist is a member of a society of professionals who are alleged to be experts on the workings of the human mind, and yet, they have openly admitted that there is no reason for anyone to believe that they have any way whatever to identify any illnesses related to abnormal brain functioning or chemical imbalances that are supposed to be a causative mechanism in the abnormal emotional reactions we are experiencing associated with PTSI issues.


Formalizing the process between my treatment and my issues has become rather more the point than is the crying out that something is wrong with my emotional response mechanism. I know that there are underlying problems that need to be addressed, and I now know that I have been looking into the wrong direction to find the help that I need. I have a whole problem and it is not based upon fractions of its existence, it is based upon an entire system of protection that has been compromised.


My injury may, in fact, be one of an internal nature, but it is the external identity of it that is apparent to my family and to people who may just for the time being be in my vicinity. How can I make them understand that I am not a threat to their safety when I am in a process of trying to not communicate with anyone at all, myself included?


Who wrote the rules of this dynamic that we must be socially open beings, is it really problematic that some of us like to be solitary for the most part, and private in the process of not sharing our every emotion?


Here, on this special site, I have hesitations about sharing all of myself in regard to my PTSI identity, this thing is still confusing to me, how can I be expected to explain it to everyone else? I have seen colors, trigger. I have heard sounds, trigger. I have experiences odors, trigger. And all of these are not on some time schedule, they just happen when they happen. How do I qualify them with a pinpoint explanation when they never happen in a pinpoint time period? Let me be real here for a moment. PTSI issues are prevalent and they cross over from the usual stream of combat causatives. Former rape victims, child abuse survivors, subjects of unknown types of traumatic events are all a part of this sector of people who need healing, not just hit-or-miss treatments based upon an ongoing experiment!


I have to help myself in ending the self-hatred I have felt toward myself over the years. I was doing things and I couldn’t understand why. I hated myself for my indecisiveness and for my refusal to accept responsibility in relationships, I wanted a family, I wanted the stability but I no longer felt able of providing it from my end. I was always feeling just enough off, that I was not willing to take the chance that I would fail the other person.


Drugs that I have been prescribed for depression.


SSRIs include:


Not only do SSRIs help most people with depression, but they also cause fewer side effects than other drugs used to treat depression. Sexual problem side effects are among the most common in these antidepressants.

(The above statement, is an absolute lie!)

Common side effects of SSRIs include:

  • nausea
  • trouble sleeping
  • nervousness
  • tremors
  • sexual problems

SNRIs help improve serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain. This may reduce depression symptoms. These drugs include:


  • levomilnacipran (Fetzima)


In addition to treating depression, duloxetine (Cymbalta) may also relieve pain. This is important because chronic pain can lead to depression or make it worse. And in some cases, people with depression become more aware of aches and pains. A drug that treats both depression and pain, such as duloxetine, can be helpful to these people.

(The above statement, constitutes a lie, in my experiences with using this drug!)

Common side effects of SNRIs include:


  • nausea
  • drowsiness
  • fatigue
  • constipation
  • dry mouth


There is no “magic” pills, just hard and deep seeded work to be done on the parts of the people who are encumbered with PTSIs. We can do this because it is the only option to choose from amongst the others we know to be in the mix. I want to live for me, and for my family and for my friends. I admittedly want to do so in the absence of PTSI, maybe I can never do so, but I can try to seek some relief from its intrusions and interruptions. That would be better than nothing, and after all, I am seeking a diminishment of its effects, even without its absolute destruction!

We are here, at, and we are here on the Twitter chat, #PTSDchat. I offer to be here beyond the Wednesday evening show, I am available whenever someone thinks that they may need to gripe, complain or offer an answer that no one has considered before. I am NOT available to simply subjugating my mind and my thoughts to the professional liars of an association that admit that even my cat, could call himself an expert on mind issues, and he could pawprint, as a signature on a prescription pad. It truly is, this ridiculous, what the profession is doing to all of us.

I can tell you what we Do have: we have a community of survivors, a community of persons who can tell their story, let us in on how they deal with this troubling condition, and deal with it to a successful outcome.

I do so by seeing that it can’t be easier to end my life than it has to be to live it instead. I want to open my eyes thirty years from now, and see that PTSI and other traumatically caused emotional issues have been eliminated, even if I never get the gift personally.

Peace and hope.



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