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We have to speak about child soldiers, during military child month.

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Legitimate concerns should go out to the children of the military, whether they are civilians or even…soldiers!

Around the world right now, there are hundreds of thousands of child soldiers who have been forced into armies at ages as young ad five or six, and they have been trained to follow orders and to kill as they are told to do, no hesitation, they are victims to be certain, but never forget, that at this moment, they are well trained and capable killers as well!


The Six Grave Violations

Children are affected by armed conflict in many different ways.

When the mandate of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict was created in 1996, the UN General Assembly sought to promote the collection of information about the plight of children affected by war, raise awareness, and foster international cooperation to strengthen their protection.

In 1999, the first resolution on children and armed conflict adopted by the United Nations Security Council placed the issue of children affected by war, on the Council’s agenda. The resolution also identified and condemned six grave violations affecting children the most in times of war and asked the Secretary-General to report on the issue.

The six grave violations serve as the basis to gather information and report on violations affecting children, and are:

Killing and maiming of children;

Recruitment or use of children as soldiers;

Sexual violence against children;

Abduction of children;

Attacks against schools or hospitals;

Denial of humanitarian access for children.

Ending and preventing these six grave violations is the focus of the Special Representative’s work and advocacy.

Believing in this implausible scenario is difficult for many who have never heard of it or seen the pictures or the videos, but it is true. Children are kidnapped, tortured sexually abused and forced to fight or tortured to death if they either refuse or show less than an acceptable level of aptitude for the job. It is unimaginable for United States citizens to fathom a time when this would happen here, in this country, or maybe Canada, or England, or Australia or any of the other more advanced countries in the world, but the closeness of such an atmosphere is closer than we care to think.


The news is being controlled in such ways today, that we are not privileged to truthful information on a continuous basis. When we do receive messages, they are almost surreal, less than acceptable as being actual in their content, more a made up scene from an informational movie than a documentation of truthful events.

These children, are permanently altered from an emotional standpoint and this may be a permanent orientation for them. What can we do for children in these horrendous conditions to help them to return to a life where killing is not seen as the normal thing to do? Will we be able to find a way to extract the damage and the horror they have been a part of from their minds, enough that they will be able to take their places in society without still being a that to its safety?

These are children, victims, PTSI controlled persons who have no freedom of will, and no way out! The world seems paralyzed into inaction where this system is in control. This whole dynamic, the outcome of the raping of resources, and the refusal to treat a people as persons who deserve to be respected and to be set upon a solid foundation.

Major corporations are to blame for this, major country governments are to blame for this, adults who are greedy and heartless, are to blame for this. The children…they are the only ones who are not to blame in all of this, so what now for them?

I don’t have the answers to fix this problem, I can only pray that I will be able to add enough of the input to help to form what will become a piece of the solution one day. This is not humane, and it is not insane in so far as to the parts of the children, but it is living insanity, it is mass-exploitation and slavery of persons, linked with murder, abuse, sexual assaults, lies and greed. No mirrors to hold up, no smoke to hide the trick, it is REAL!

My goodness, how I pray for this to become unnecessary, in the very near future! I hope that money will become obsolete, and the love of humanity takes place of the avariciousness that has created this monstrosity of human degradation!

Massive deconstruction of the mind is the step which is used to create these victims. I am loathed to imagine the outcome for these children, should they survive to adulthood. Fractured emotions, broken connections, destroyed families, delusions of the importance of compassionate dispensation, it all makes a mixture of horrors and delusions, and nightmares that are probably ingrained and will probably result in permanent scarring of the mind, and an avenue to a perverted sense of self worth and a uselessness from which they will never be able to recover. Truly a life of despair, and of disrepair of the emotional stability. My goodness, how will they ever get back from the despondency of this ignominy?




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