On the cliff! How mendacity kills trust and pushes PTSI sufferers to the edge of disaster. | #PTSDchat
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On the cliff! How mendacity kills trust and pushes PTSI sufferers to the edge of disaster.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Part of the truth hangs precariously close to the edge of lies that are just on the tips of the tongues of the persons who are ready to tell them.

PTSI stories are on the precipice, just on the point of tipping over the edge into the chasm and being lost forever, until it is again spoken about, maybe the truth will be attached again, but then again, maybe not. The individual’s taste for recognition can color anything that they say or that they do, it can be a dangerous life for a thought, that is for sure!


Abusive parents, often show their asses by lying that they were under the pressures of having to figure out how to support their families and that this and the disrespectful attitudes of their children, led them to become less in control of their actions. Led them, hell! They were abusive and dangerous asses before they had children.

I find abusive people to be available to deletion from society, period! Maybe it is because of my own incidents with abusive people that I learned to think I this way, I don’t really stop to think about this, but what I do stop to think about, is the damages which are being caused by abusive fools, who decide that they have the option to destroy the safety of another person or of people, all of whom, are unable or at least restricted in their capabilities to defend self, or themselves, from the attacking presence!

I dislike using the word “hate” because it entails traits that produce PTSI events. Hatred takes a high usage of energies on the person who is using it as a position. When you hate a person, you need for the person and other people, to know that you dislike the person. It is not enough that you dislike that individual, you use energy to make the position well-known to other people. You stop where you are, and in return, you limit your further accomplishments, you almost stand still, marking time, the illusion is of movement, which in fact you act out, but in truth, you are not moving any distance, it is a useless expenditure of energy, and masking of your true reality.

But, I hate abusive persons, and organizations! I hate them enough to fight them as best I can, through the means at my disposal! This sort of hatred causes movements that accomplish a goal that being to make it known that there is someone who opposes what is happening. I hate mendacious organizational ideologies and persons, they are counter-productive to the ascent from the hell of PTSI we are seeking to attain.

What has happened to the truth? It has been buried deeply under the dirt of lies, and is slowly suffocated under the weight and the mass of its composition! Is a person who is suffering the conditions brought on by PTSIs just another unimportant piece of the puzzles being produced by the affluently entitled minds of organizational bullsh*t we are being force-fed today? Or, are we just being cowardly enough, that they have no opposition to deal with?

Children are abused by parents, teachers, clergy, friends, siblings, police officers, and other persons and people who should be first-line protectors of their safety! How in the hell do we expect that children should not have issues of an emotional type, when they are navigating through this minefield of emotional dangers? What is wrong with us? We need to become intrusive when we even suspect that a child is being abused!

I have interfered in domestic situation where I live. I stopped a man from beating his wife, even though In the process, I became a target of the wife’s anger for hurting her abuser. She got over it, after her weeks long stay in the hospital in recovery from the injuries he inflicted, but still, I got involved. Some one has to be willing to do this, someone has to speak up and even shout about abuses they hear or that they see or that they think they hear or see, it’s the only way to help a person who feels helpless to do so on their own behalves! Hell, shout, scream and yell, to stop abuses of any kind! Using any means necessary! 

Here, is where emotional injuries take place. The point at where a person’s safety net is shattered! The places at where the assumption of being around safe people is destroyed because of what they do to you! OK, someone out here may be in disagreement with me on what I have said here, this is not problematic, unless of course you do not have a way in which you can offer a dispute in a way that offers proof to the contrary.

This site offers to anyone who comes here, the opportunity to study the issues through the eyes and the minds of the people who are dealing with the condition from within themselves, and NOT just some degreed professional, whose only connection is the collection of data, and the election o labels to describe or to use as a diagnostic tool to create prescription pads full of chemical dispensing! Here, the posts come from those of us who under the loudness of the screaming of emotional distress, and the compromising positions in which they can find themselves due to this injurious set of circumstances. 

Are we clear on PTSI(D)s and emotional injury issues? hell no! but we’re on the track of searching for a way to heal the injuries that are to blame for the condition, and to my mindset, this is better than the lies I have been issued by my professional psychiatric conversationalists, because each of these persons, is a tool in  large box of bullsh*tters who are being paid to keep pharmaceutical companies solvent and profitable. They don’t give a damn about me, or about you, no matter how compassionate they may be speaking to you when you are across the desk or on the couch from them! 

Have I been critical here? Yes, and purposely so!


Dispute me, with facts, or thank me for being honest enough to say this:

I have PTSI, and I’m damaged because of it! I don’t expect to be respected by anyone, just by everyone to whom I show respect! And I, respect all of you!





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