The truth of the world, emotional trauma, and hidden dangers of not knowing the truth. | #PTSDchat

The truth of the world, emotional trauma, and hidden dangers of not knowing the truth.

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Friday, May 12, 2017


Basically speaking, we are all born in a state of unsureness, we have to learn the basics of life. Level by level, we assume more certainty with the passage of time and the acquisition of skills each person becomes proficient in certain areas, some more so than others, some a lot less than, but acquisition does take place.


Inferiorities to superiorities are not intrinsically acquired traits, they are more a learned and an accepted or rejected set of ideals. Some people learn them and accept them as being truthful and as prominent aspects of their lives. “I was taught that I am inferior, so why should I expect to be able to accomplish more than I have so far?” this acceptance can cause major interruptions to the normal track of the imaginative mindset. This thinking can demolish the foundations of self-esteem and corrupt the sanctity of the internal emotional self.

Safe places exist within the human mind in order to produce consistent inquisitiveness and more learning on the part of the individual. Without the need to learn, a person can shut down from progressing,, and this will produce the curve in the road of the trek towards emotional soundness.

A child who has witnessed grievously torturous acts placed upon other persons, a fall into a fear of a sort that is seen as over compensational in the eyes of a professional who deals in the workings of the human mind. But to the mind of the child, it becomes where they need to be, to try not to think of the sights and the sounds of their memories. Great pains can be dealt with, but fearful attacks come before pain, they become memories first, and then the memories become fear-producers in making the pains they reveal, a possibility in the life of the mind which is remembering the event(s).

Demonstrating this fear can become emotionally traumatic. The person can and often does become introverted. Inaccessible to the normalcy of sociable activities. This is the child who may appear as sad even during the most happy of occasions. This may be the child who becomes distant from other children. Not joining in with others as they play or participate in fun activities, no matter how much they are encouraged so to do. This child is in need of emergency help, not a sit down and talk about what they think is bothering them; life is bothering this child in the here and in the now!

Adults are not immune to this type of damage. Abused women, men, all have the possibility of becoming emotionally injured. All have access to the destruction of their emotional well-being and their feelings of inner safety. The definition of being emotionally damaged has far too long been seen as some sort of biological response to too much blood in the head. (According to Dr. Benjamin Rush, father of American psychiatry)who was allowed to imprison and torture numerous persons, by offering as yet unproven “truths” on the causes of mental illnesses. His methods are still in use in places al over the world, and institutions which were based on his theories, have only recently been closed completely. (allegedly!)

Fernald State School

When this asylum first opened, it had the unfortunate name of The Massachusetts School for Idiotic Children. The school had a superintendent that advocated for eugenics before people even knew what that meant. The original intent was to provide a school for boys that were deemed a bit slow and wanted to give them a chance to lead productive lives; however, it ended up being more like a prison for people who were merely sent there. Prison is also the right word, since many of the patients were treated as if they had committed crimes. They were physically and sexually abused, with some of the boys being expected to pull their pants down and get beaten until their rear end was as red as a cherry. They were also forced to participate in bizarre experiments, such as eating cereal laced with radioactive tracers.

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Trenton State Hospital

was formally known as the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum, and had intentions of doing good in the world. But like the others that found themselves on this list, medical abuses and other atrocities are what was left as a legacy. Dr. Henry Cotton, who was the director of the hospital in 1907, took an initial progressive attitude towards treatment. However, he soon began to come up with some pretty scary theories about the mentally ill, and eventually the hospital became one that you only see in horror movies. Cotton began to take to the notion that all mentally ill people were a result of a bodily infection, and decided that the only way he could help them was to get rid of the infection. He would take out teeth, then moved onto stomachs, testicles, ovaries, and gall bladders. He claimed a high success rate, but what Cotton actually ended up with was a high body count. Cotton was so confident about his work that he actually published papers on it.

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Read the stories, reel from the horror of these “helpful” institutions, and try to remember, they’re not truly a thing of the past! The truth of institutions of this sort which are still operating and still outside of the realm of regulations should scare each of us to our cores!

Think of the child, exposed to horrors beyond description, or abused in ways you’d rather not believe exist.

Think of the soldier who sees atrocities being committed and is not able to feel safe in trying to stop them. Living with his part of this human torture dynamic when his mind is one of humane and insightful thinking could drive him or her over the edge!

Seeing the bodies of dead colleagues, smelling the stench of rotting flesh, knowing that even if you didn’t pull the trigger, or the cord, or push the button, you are still a part of this murderous assault on human beings. People who in most cases had little to nothing, but now literally live in the uncertainty of what their “liberators” will take away from them next.

A good person’s mind is crushed within the vise of duty and humanity during war. There is no middle area, you are in or you are dead. You facilitate other’s ability to kill and to destroy, or you stand still to be killed alongside them as a result of dereliction of your duties. Either way, someone is going to be destroyed!

Lifesavers, go in as combatants. Told that they are not armed respondents, but life preserving soldiers, they are still issued weapons  and ammunition, given tactical and invasive training, dropped into the areas here death is going to become a part of the scene. You fire, because the asses of your men have to be covered. You fire because you become incensed when you see one of your troops get hit, you fire because whether or not you believe in doing so, you have become a part of the decisiveness to commit the actions of battle.

When arrivals come, their faces look like yours. Camouflaged or not, they have on the same uniform, and they come from your country, and they have been wounded by someone from THIS place! Anger can replace mercy quickly in warfare. Idealism is replaced by reality, and reality here, tells you that you’d better get off of your idealistic ass, and do what the hell you’ve been trained to do!

This is how emotional trauma can become the truth in an individual’s mind. The truth, is subjective at times. It is limited by circumstances, and directed by multiple situations, most of which over one has no control!

As you regain normal activities and surroundings, the traumas catch up and have a lasting impression a stunningly important point that can stick you in the ass at the most inopportune times. Real life. Nothing better, but nothing that as well, can be worse!

Out, for now!





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