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It’s not ALL, nightmares and drudgery.

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Monday, May 15, 2017


I intend to switch gears this time around, going into a different direction will give a bit of perspective to a casual reader of blogs on this site. We don’t always live inside of a prison of our minds.

I live with severe depression, and although it may keep me from enjoying some things in my life, it doesn’t mean that I never smile or that I can never enjoy ANYTHING, it just means that there are times when I can be just as jocular as any other person. And times when I can be disconnected from the experiences that other people enjoy to the fullest.

PTSI(D) can be over-defined by persons who have never had to deal with this condition. They are taught by a clueless society of professionals and commercial-hawking pharmaceutical companies that PTS)(D) is a disorder of a possibly dangerous mind. When in fact, it is the mind’s response to injuries that are still festering without healing having been a part of the process. It is the makeshift attempt of a damaged security system’s attempt to offer protection to the emotions of the individual. It is not a communicable transmittable, deranged disease that can be passed into and onto the whole of a society.

PTSI sufferers have full lives, they have children and they are musicians and artists and doctors and professional people who are employed in any number of careers.

Me? I like funny things, I love good cartoons, and I love to laugh! I laugh a lot. Sometimes people have said that I have laughed at improper times, and this was before certain additions into my life, it has always been a part of the me, that IS me!

This site, is one of the more important and I am hoping that more people will come here and contribute to the informational access I have found since my arrival at this site. A waging of a war is not how PTSI(D) is going to be defeated. It will take care, honesty, inflection, dismissal of lies, trust in a process that will be helpful and not just another placebo of no purpose other than to take up time and offer an illusion of someone trying to be helpful.

But I have an answer; it is to perform my own therapy on myself. I laugh, I cry, I deeply think about things, I stay away from people when I don’t feel available to socializing, and I don’t lie to myself, about the way I may be feeling at a given time. I keep it right up front and straight to the point. Lying to myself is more damaging than someone else doing it to me, because I have to be the foundation of my safety.

I have PTSI and I don’t sit around thinking about killing myself 24 hours a day! I think about living a life where PTSI is no longer an issue! I try to lay out a path to take me to healing, after all, I was injured. I am not a damned disorder, I am a human being who has had his emotions injured by aggressively operated attacks against my beliefs of being safe.

Because the injuries were caused by assaults against my assumptions, I try to stop assuming, and choose to create new input. Funny, safe, indisputably positive input. I try to ring in information that will build up new bricks into the wall that has so definitively been broken down.

I enjoy animals, pets, an wild alike! I enjoy listening to good music, I  have an eclectic ear, so I will listen to anything that is pleasing to my ears, I am not a trend-follower.

So… laugh, smile when you can… demand the best from yourself, and for yourself, but don’t demand it from other people, because this is just a waste of time, demand it from you! Increase your exposure to funny things, decrease exposure to the negative things, you have enough of that to deal with already!

And one more thing: LIVE LIKE YOU NEDD TO DO SO!


Healing and peace.



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