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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


What is it like to be a police officer?

Who would want the job?

How can someone who is an officer maintain the necessary connection of maintaining a human access to his or her natures, with the onslaught of negative interactions and pressures, they undergo during the course of their careers?

I know police officers on an intimate basis, and each of them is a good person and they each tell me of the pressures that come along with the job. I can imagine their conundrums, it has a beneficial effect to maintain one’s humanity and that can be difficult even under the easiest of circumstances. But to have the lives of other people under your direct protection even if that means taking a life to maintain the position has to be an assault on one’s senses, to say the least!

I don’t agree that all officers are good people, I know of many instances, some of which I have had myself) in which the officer was most abusive with their power and dismissive of the humanity of the persons with whom they were dealing at the time,

This doesn’t mean that I dislike police officers, but it does mean that I try, to be honest as to how I have had to deal with them over the years of my life. I cannot go back to civil right’s days, and dogs, and hoses, and the like, because I was not exposed on a personal level to any of those things, except to have seen them on television.

When I see an officer abusing his or her power, as a human being I have the necessity to speak against it because this is not law enforcement, it is abuse! But when I see officers who put it on the line and try to be fair in their treatment of other people, I feel a sense of cohesion with them. I’ve been there, protectors who are sometimes called to commit “THE” action.

Officers deal with people who hate them because they represent control and authority over their actions because without them, a number of persons would run out of control and no one would be safe. Even with officers, criminals run rampant from time to time. Leaving the officers to look at everyone as a possible suspect. This has to place incredible pressures on the emotions.

I can’t speak for the feelings of a police officer except to say that I know how pressure can build up when you’re responsible for a multi-leveled situation. I know that it isn’t always as simple as the book situations and that people respond irrespective to what you have been taught that they will. Situations turn into unexpectedly violent events where the life of the officers involved become endangered.

Being a police officer will definitely place a target on your back. Some see you as a hero, others see you as a threat, some see you as the enemy. Emotional stresses of this kind have to lead somewhere, maybe PTSI(D)?

I’m glad the people who feel the need to serve, show up and do so. I wish that all of them were honorable and fair persons but like anything else, there is no perfection to be found. The benefit of the doubt has to go to the officer, it has to belong in a place where it should be protected. After this, if there is a need to change the players, do so, but respect them until the need has been changed.

I never trusted myself to wear the badge, so I never applied for the position. I don’t like criminals, I wouldn’t be a good officer, I know it now, as I knew it back then.

I don’t know if I have said anything here that will be agreed with or even understood. I am writing from the position of an outsider so I cannot expect that I would have said anything here that is agreeable with anyone else. It has just been my opinions and my feelings. I hope that an officer should write something and give us some true insight.

As always, PTSI is the goal to be healed.


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