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Limitations? Ignore them and live your life!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Rules exist, and some of these are ridiculously conceived but rules also save lives and also set up a net of safety that can be at least somewhat relied upon to be there for a person’s well-being. Of course, there are flaws that exist in any plan and this is no different when it comes to setting u[ the rules which are meant to promote safety.

Resentment in the face of unacceptable behaviors upset the stability of a society, and often, actually, too often, the life of an individual can be destroyed in the process! Rules must also make sense. Stupidity cannot be tolerated on any level if a state of stability is to be both established and then to be properly and efficiently maintained. Individually, rules can seem to be very oppressive and unjustly enforced. Often this is the case where the rules are unfair towards a specific group or individual, but in the mainstream, rules have to make a safe environment for everyone, and they must apply equally to each person, r there will be an atmosphere of distrust and disillusionment amongst some of the society.

Rules do protect and help to create, but rules that cause undue limitations cannot be tolerated! A rule that tells one that the sky is the limit o them, and to another says that “you cannot expect anything good to come your way!” is exceptionally destructive and unacceptable!

Limitations that are self-made though, are the height of the antithetically self-destructive mode of thinking. One must see their worth, feel their worth, promote their worth, and this is not easy, it takes an ability to step forward and being criticized by strangers who want t shut you down at your source. These are the “stinkin’ thinkin'” folks. These persons will derail any semblance of progress for someone if they gain the opportunity to do so.

A person who has issues with shyness, and then is dealt the blows of emotionally injurious harm, can be permanently insinuated into a life of uncertainty and of deleteriously infusive reactivity to seemingly harmless situations. Unseen damage can be the most injurious type for a person to have to deal with at any time in their lives, but to have it as an ongoing issue, can be catastrophic!

Humans are not thoughtless beings, so when a person abuses the safety and the personage of another, it has to be assumed that it is done so with a purposeful and intentional point to its having happened. I don’t but into the “paying it forward” theory. The one which says one who has been abused will be an abuser one day. This may hold true in some instances, but I find it difficult to fathom that ALL victims are this way! I’m not, and I was a victim of attempted sexual assault when I was younger!

It no longer surprises me when I am offered BS answers in place of serious ones because most of the world has gone bat-shit anyway! Truth is the last of the virtues to have an opportunity to be saved, and sometimes, it must be said in an offensive sounding manner! So if hat I said there is offensive to you, find a way around it! This is serious business here, and the time for fun and games and political correctness has gone the way of the dinosaurs; it’s extinct!

I want PTSI to be healed, we’ll never be rid of its presence because emotionally injuries are going to happen as long as people have minds. But to ignore the fact that it is caused by an injury and to claim it is a chemical imbalance or some other such ridiculous claims is no longer going to make the oil hot enough to fry the fish!

Soldiers, police officers, office administrators, five-year-old children who feel neglected and in danger; ALL are potential PTSI casualties, and we must start to see that these people are given the care that is needed to treat and to allow healing. It is not the easiest thing that mankind will ever undertake to accomplish, landing on the moon was probably easier because it was joint effort to succeed. Suffering people are not a priority on the list of today’s “it’s all about me, bullshitter’s world!” and so, we go forward. We seek the sense of it, we seek to identify that is nonsensical as well because there must lucidity when answers are offered.

I found that it was difficult for me to live with a set of lies I found to have been told to me, it haunts me to this second of my life and I’ll never get over it! I am human not just some citizen of a country. I am a citizen of the planet earth and I was unaware of the depths of depravity mankind can stoop to, in order to push an agenda, no matter how dastardly it may be!

A conscious can offer a PTSI injury as a result of its being insulted by lies that were offered up as absolute truths. We must each be aware of the signs of attack. Fears that overcome our abilities to diminish the effects that are caused. Dangerous situations of which you overreact instead of reacting appropriately. And be aware of surroundings, and truths, they matter.

Health whole-mindedness, peace, and love of all life!


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