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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


You can’t define me because you don’t know me!

I’m not a time-bomb that is ticking and just laying in wait to explode, I am a person who has difficulties and problems, who has life situation’s that can be a little off-centering for me, but nothing like a life waiting to be destructive inside of those of other people. I’m just one freaking person, and I have PTSI!

Now, this condition is called a “disorder”, and because of this, the visualization many people have is of some out of control killer type, who should be on the Saturday night horror movies rather than a person, who is deserving of being given respect and compassionate treatment.

OK… does any of what is above, make you feel a sense of compassion for me? What about for anyone else who has this condition? It shouldn’t!

Your humanity should make you feel a sense of empathy for any person because you could become invaded by the traumas which cause emotional injuries and all of its associated effects and disruptions!

I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve wasted in trying to make this condition understandable to persons who just can’t get the point. How can it make sense to someone who is living under the illusion that the majority of people live “normal” lives? What the hell is “normal”?

Killing for a paycheck and calling it patriotism?

Fighting a war against weak people who have nothing at all to do with the reasons of the conflict that is destroying their lives, is that what “normal” is?

Beating the life out of a defenseless and helpless child; is this “normal”?

Sexually abusing someone, destroying their right to feel safe in their personhood, eliminating their personal autonomy to say what will or will not happen to their body; is this “normal”?

I see that if I search enough, ask enough questions, that I will find out that PTSI is not that far from normal, so maybe “normal” people should keep their mouths shut, and decide that they should look into their personal mirrors and stop trying to belittle other persons in order to feel superior to them, because, in truth, each of us could truthfully say that there is something in their lives, that they wish they could “undo” or “un-see”!

I can’t erase certain events, actions, memories, smells, and nightmarish scenes that infest my mind with their constant reminders of being there and not being able to separate myself from what was going on or my having been even a minimal part of the situations. This is the reality. Does it sound like a statement a deranged or idiotic person could form and then make?

But sane people make decisions to go to war, destroy villages, kill innocents, bomb targets just to show national strength and posture their “projections” into public view in order to appear more capable than can any other group of people! This is sanity? This, is normalcy?

Creating an atmosphere that produces enough fear that people can only think to abandon the area, uproot from everything they’ve ever known and choose to take a chance that someplace else will be safer, and deal with abuses of prejudice and maligning instead of staying put and hoping to survive the onslaught.

Here, we see refugees as future problems, but if we had not destroyed their lives where they were, they would not have become refugees! So aren’t we to blame for the influx of unwanted persons? Can we actually deny our parts in the great migration of displaced humanity in human history?

I believe wholeheartedly that the lack of compassionate concern and care for people between people show a stunning lack of cognitive integrity. When we take on the specific process of mental health assumptions and alleged treatments as the public has been taught through the psychiatric community, is complete bullsh*t! we need to do more than the minuscule whining that we are all being accused of today! We’re making strides and progress, but there are so many who feel left behind and out and they don’t see a way to get re-involved or become relevant again!

What to you, is the primary ingredient that you want to place into the pot that might have an effect of soothing the discomforts of yourself, and of other persons who are feeling the crunch of emotional distress and injuries?

Drugs are a maintenance item and they lead to a diminishing of the emotional ability to fight against the pressures and the stressors that are placed upon it!

Let us remember that no less than 22 former service members per day, choose to take their own lives because they cannot form a plan, they cannot see through the fog of distress and pain and the reluctance of taking a chance that there are options which have any possibility of helping them.

This fact is sickening and egregious!

Are we better than we’ve been in assuming a more active role in finding the healing achievement, and finally leaving behind the almost useless and as well more harmful palliative system we are now using? Or are we going to kick it up a few notches, kick a few asses when necessary and stop acting as if we are frightened sheep who are afraid of our own shadows? I say “yes!” and I can say this because we are here and we are involved and engaged and we are offering tips and clues and adding pieces to a puzzle that has been broken in all of us!

We’re all special and we’re each a person of great gifts!

Artists, musicians, writers, craftspeople, first-responders, caring, and compassionate persons who are seeking self-healing, while attempting to share our findings with other persons trying to achieve the same goal! Yes; we’re special and we’re relevant and we have a purpose! Not pieces who should be left out because we’ve been mislabeled! F*ck ’em if they can’t take their own jokes! (That being, the reflection they see in the mirror!)

We have a distance yet to travel, and maybe some of us won’t see it happen. But the smallest victories make the process worth continuing.

I don’t have the answer for every person here, (I’d be an incredibly disruptive jackass to say that I do!) I am one person, a dealer with PTSI issues, and I’m at least proud enough to share my story here with the people who give a damn about it!

For those who do not care or feel that it’s important, screw ’em, we’ve got better things to deal with!



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