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Update on PTSD App

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I wanted to write this post to update people about the ptsd app that I have been developing. 

It has been such a stressful ride getting to this point, I have had to change to 3 different developers for multiple reasons and each time I have been promised the world and unfortunately they have not delivered. 

The last developer got both the android and iOS versions of the app to quite an advanced point. There was literally 2 issues that needed to be resolved and then it was good to go. However, he has completely disappeared and I have had no contact from him for weeks now. I have tried every single thing I can but then had to take the decision to end the project. 

It makes sense that all I’d need to do is find a developer to fix these two issues and then be ready to launch. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Without getting techy, I don’t have access to the source code and without this, it is extremely difficult to do anything. Therefore I’ve been left with a difficult decision to make. 

Do I a) try and find someone who can do this. It isn’t guaranteed and I could be throwing more money away to be left in the same situation I am in now. Or b) start the whole process from scratch? 

I must admit, this whole thing has left me thinking about my own abilities. It’s left me questioning whether anyone would even want to see the app, whether it’s going to be any use to anyone. Why would anything I do, be helpful to others? It’s really stressed me out and without a few really close people to me, it would have sent me downwards. 

However, I’ve always wanted to help other people with ptsd and I believe this will do that. I have to keep this belief or I wouldn’t be able to continue, financially or emotionally with pushing it forward. 

I just wanted to put this update out there to show those who have supported this project that it is still ongoing and I haven’t given up. 

If anyone has any advice or knowledge of app development, please feel free to get in touch. 

Obviously with all the different developers etc, this has cost me money that in the main has come from my own personal pocket. If anyone can help in that aspect of things, again I’d be eternally grateful. You can see the gofundme page here http://www.gofundme.com/ptsdapp

Thanks to everyone’s support along his journey, I appreciate it so much! 


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