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Advocates for emotionally injured persons

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#Christopher4Healing @cannonfyre12

June  23, 2017

Dear Reader,

You are one of the first persons to read this new and informative correspondence, and whether or not you agree with everything that you will read, it is important that you do give it some introspection because this is becoming a new-age catastrophe in the making,

The established protocol of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is to envelope people who have emotional issues into a group and to refer them as having a “disorder”. This terminology is unfortunate and dangerous for all persons who have emotional issues and for those who do not as well!

I am referring to the condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This condition can and does affect a broad spectrum of the earth’s population, and the seriousness of the lack of treatment is only making things much worse.

Medications which are being given are not as effective in treating the actual damage to the emotional substance of the individuals as much as they are a “hit-or-miss” attempt to see if they can figure out ways to demote the effects of the conditions.

Persons who are dealing with the injuries which cause emotional interruptions are not disordered, they are in fact the subjects of injuries and they need healing treatments, not just chemicals which have never been proven to promote anything close to performing the necessary goals!

I need your help, persons suffering from the injuries of their emotional health, need your help, this is our time to assist those who often feel so alone and so frightened, that their only answer is to end their lives to escape the pain and the confusion that is plaguing their thoughts.

My name is Christopher, and I am an advocate for emotionally injured persons. Remember; Post Traumatic Stress Injury (Disorder) PTSI(D) is not ONLY a soldier’s condition. This condition crosses all cultures, and borders it is an invasive and especially traumatic issue which needs to be seen as what it is, an injury, not a chemical imbalance!

I thank you, for taking the time to read this letter. And I implore you to contact your state and federal representatives to issue a challenge that persons with injuries that affect their quality of life, be treated just as if they were automobile accident victims, with treatments to heal the injuries and not as a disordered problem to either be ignored or insulted.

Think of this: a person has been seriously injured in a car accident. They come into the emergency room and are treated as a victim who is deserving of respectful and curative treatment. They are not subjected to a group of speculators who are unsure of what their injuries may be, or how they should be treated. And this; is the way persons with emotional injuries are (mis)-treated. With speculative estimations, rather than with proven and historically successful modes of healing.

This person who was in the automobile accident is now a good prospect for the issues associated with emotional injuries, as they will remember the accident. They will see themselves in the treatment room, they will remember the pain and the fear and all of the uncertainties of the moments of this entire experience, and this can turn into a permanent assault on their psyche.

This outcome is a method of being assaulted with PTSI(D). an injury in need of further treatment that may have never been a consideration of the original medical team, because they were occupied with ensuring the survival from the accident injuries.

All people need to be respected and protected, and advocacy for those who are dealing inside of the often lonely places of emotionally traumatic places, need our help, right now!


Advocate for emotionally injured persons:  Christopher4Healing @cannonfyre12/

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