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Treatment with a lack of empathy, is an empty promise to rely on!

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How do you feel about the other person?

Logging a list of assumptions about other persons is a trait almost specifically owned by human beings. Unfortunately, this can get in the way of helping another person to feel better or feel as if you even care about their well-being.

Try to imagine a child that comes to parents for help and the parents cannot place themselves into a position to think of the child’s current place in life, they would be utterly useless if not damaging to the well-being of the child in that moment. This is what happens to so many persons who are co-opted into the therapy dynamics of the professional psychiatric association’s methodologies and practices! I know what I am saying here seems to be an indictment of the profession, but that is for debate, I find my evidence based upon the profession’s own writings and recordings!

My point for the above statement is relevant in that the ongoing lifestyle and emotional stability is at stake when the improper support is offered as the catalyst that will affect more damage than repair.

I can and I do, place myself in the other person’s chair. I AM one of those who knows the feelings of inadequacy, the stymieing and degrading and frightening aspects of feeling that you are the lone adherent to these feelings can have the effect of driving one to the point of no return from the edge of wanting to end the life that is being lived. I know this also; as I have been there. I know how hard it is to look into the mirror and to only see the reflection of an enemy who looks just like me. There is no escaping from the fear.

We cannot all be empathetically oriented to our fellow-person(s), this would be the driving force into madness as the emotions would be totally and inescapable overwhelmed by the process, but we can find at least a common-ground ability to be compassionate enough to see it from other than our own assumptions when we deal with another individual. This takes time and a willingness to let go of the resistance our minds create to dominate our inner-narcissist.

Internal turmoil can be abusive to the person in ways that no one can understand. No drug can be the be-all and the cure-all for emotional disturbances in the flowing of its river, but we are being led to believe that chemicals are the answers. The work of letting the person come to a self-drawn conclusion through the process of healing and cooperative conversations with compassionately and empathetically oriented persons is being lost to the demands that big monies be allowed to flow into the bank accounts of pharmaceutical companies which compensate those who “treat” us, who are in the midst of this storm.

We don’t complain so much as we offer a cry for help to dispose ourselves of the eight of this composition that is being written by another entity which is being invasive and forcefully imposed into our lives and into our thoughts. Not for one minute should we allow that we are described or defined as being “disturbed” or “Disordered”. These terms bring about the visualization of a deranged group of people who are at the ready to attack society and this is so far from the truth as to be ridiculous for anyone to even have the process in their mind to think such a thing!

Someone who has never owned the issue can at least find the empathy to feel a sense of awareness of what they believe it would feel like to them if they were in the same position. For most, however, it comes down to a judgment call, an associatively concocted conclusion that is based more upon the exposure to years of exposure to definitively negative statements about persons who have emotional issues.
I don’t believe that any human being, no matter how much education they have received can totally erase the historically included verbiage of hearing people being called negative names. I suffer from the issue of PTSI(D), and I can remember hearing kids call other kids “retards” and “special-ed dead-heads” and other destructive names!

Is there any reason for anyone to feel surprised when a person who is feeling the stresses of emotional pain is so reluctant to come forward and admit to their condition? Who would want to be seen this way? Who in the military wants to come to the company area and be told that he or she is a detriment to the company because they might be a “loose-cannon”, or some such other derogatory epithet? Laws or no, the prejudicial treatment towards persons with emotional injuries and issues still are involved in the dealings, no matter where they may be.

Yes: it does require a lot of empathy for trust to be developed between the injured and the healing process, especially when this includes a therapist, Dr., or counselor or even groups of persons who are similarly entangled within the web of emotionally disruptive issues that are and have been caused by something other than their just being “crazy”.

Prejudices are formed when the lack of knowledge rules the thought processes rather than the actual work of seeking the meaning and the causes of the differences you perceive as a possible danger to oneself. This is as old as humankind.

Today, we are seeing refugee crises’ all over the world, where people have been displaced by wars and oppression and we don’t know if we are safe in allowing them to come into our countries. But to the person who is fleeing, the deal they need is a safe haven. A place to be safe from the storm, not really very different from what I feel at times, with PTSI(D) interruptions within my own life! I live in an honest realm, where lies destroy the safety of having any chance of true healing and true and progressively positive development.

I am disappointed in the lack of progress in treatment options for all of us who have suffered emotional and psychological injuries. I find the cop-out that we are all chemically disarranged, to be a slap in our faces, a kick into the broken areas that are already hurting and curtailing our lives. I don’t accept that the best these technologically advanced professionals have available to their use in “treating” individuals with emotional injuries, is a book of made up names to cover scientific-sounding names to cover up the fact that they don’t really know what to do to help in the healing process.
I can talk to the psychiatrist, but it doesn’t help me to feel any better. I don’t need to relive old crap, in order for this person to add to a page of possible reputation-building adages to the “DSM” (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

We are all persons, deserving of empathy, and respect, and I for one, feel that I am at least able to offer both to any person, even if that individual is abusive toward me! Often the pains in the mind of a person are so disruptive that they can only respond to the pain and to the fears that they are experiencing at the current time, all else is not available to their usage. Minus the ability to empathetic, no person should sit in the room in a position of treatment because it would simply be a judgment call, and it would be tainted by the prejudices brought with fundamentalist assumptions!

PTSI(D) will have no hope of ever being addressed properly until empathy becomes a part of the process. As bleak as this may sound, it is not as detrimental as it could be.

Use your awareness to see at where you are right now, as you are reading this statement. This site, the people here, are special and they are a part of what you see as a lone problem. We are all dealing with this, and now you can be aware that we can do it, together.

A blessing can come in many forms. The PTSDchat on Twitter, and the site, are so much, a blessing that I can only hope that we can spread the word widely, that it is available to all persons who are hurting, as well as to those who know someone who is.

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