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Hidden PTSI, closer than we might think!

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Friday, July 21, 2017, 17:28

We are all admitting that we have an array of issues which are connected to our PTSI(D). [shortly, I will not add the (D) to my posts, I am NOT disordered and neither is anyone else!]


I have given some thought to the unintended receivers of our issues: our families, and others with whom we come into contact. Emotional issues impact people around us whether or not we choose to own that fact, but it is a truthful issue and we all need to be aware of the possibilities that exposure can cause.


Psychiatrists; at least the ones I have talked to, don’t ask about how this affects my family members or my friends, or my associations, they just catalog my complaints and my issues. Bullshit on a plate, I call it! We have to be real about this, or we will NEVER find a way to accept ourselves as NOT being the problem, but the unhealed injured party.


I don’t afford myself the luxury of accepting the condescending attitudes of so-called “experts” who have studied the “DSM” and are included into the group of non-scientists who have invented a profession based solely on the insistences of the original American mad-scientist, “Dr.” Benjamin Rush!

This person was allowed to torture and experiment on his “patients” for years, offering ridiculous assertions such as: “Insanity is caused by too much blood being in the head!” and a variety of other nonsense that led to over two centuries of imprisonment, tortures, experimentation, laws that remove individual liberties, and assumptive contrivances which have dehumanized the causes of medical treatment’s supposed purposes.


When drugs do more adverse harm than positive good, do you believe that anyone who is close to you is unaware of this fact? Have you been accused by a loved one of being abusive but you can’t believe that it’s true? I’ve been there, and it’s after my starting usage of these anti-depressant chemicals, that it began!


I don’t look for pieces of a dream to hold onto, I look for the wholeness of my internal self! I don’t like feeling like I am a problem to my family! Who in their right mind could? We have been bamboozled by junk-“science”. Taught to believe that anyone with a doctor descriptive is more able to determine whether or not we are normal or not!


Have you ever heard of a misdiagnosis? I have, I’ve seen persons who have died due to this happening, and it makes you feel like you’re stuck in a bad television series episode! How can some person tell you that you’re not really frightened; it’s just that you’re being overly sensitive to your feelings? What a bunch of crap!


Feelings are supposed to be highly sensitive; it’s what makes us self-sustaining! Emotional injuries are on-healed traumas that have interrupted our ability to control the flowing of those sensitivities and those feelings, not some chemically induced imbalances or over-bloated blood amount in our brains that are the culprits and the causes! We have associated a trauma which caused an immediate overloading of our senses, and the cause was never dealt with or the trauma never identified and treated to cause us to be able to heal!


If I freak out, my family doesn’t just ignore it, they become a part of the scene. Sleeping less soundly, less able to see me as a non-threat to their safety. This kind of impression places, even more, pressure on me to seek a way out, a way t just not be the problem anymore! I can’t believe that I am singular in having ever thought in this way.


PTSI is dangerous because it has been misidentified as an abnormality, an abomination in the person that has to be “exorcised”. I can only imagine what movies like “The shining” and others have done to strengthen the public’s conceptualization of so many of us being potential killers and zombie-like predators to be feared and a problem that must soon be solved for the safety of humanity. What a way to misidentify and over-dramatize those who are already trying to heal from traumas!


Children who grow up in homes with a person or persons, who are hampered by emotional trauma issues, may well find it attaching itself to them as well, as the fears add up. Who can tell you anything cogent about the workings of the human mind? There are workable therapies to help a person to deal with the issues, but to say it can be cured, I’m not willing to hop on that train right now!



We have to be watchful for those around us, to see if we recognize any of our traits, manifesting themselves within them. If not, we will be as guilty as professionals who have mislabeled and misused a broken system for far too long now, and this will only make things worse for those we love and should not become victims, as we try to deal with not having been healed from our original traumas!


Imagine the horror of a loved one’s fears of you, because they see you going through an episode of your own terror, uncontrolled fear, absolutely terrified and they have no reason why. For a child, this would have to be at least, disturbing if not emotionally destructive!


PTSI puts a strain on working in absolutes for most of us. The condition emotes fear in place of confidence, and it softens our foundational feelings of safety. Attempts to explain this to anyone is difficult, because if I’m honest about it, (and I always am!) it’s a bit disconcerting to me, to feel less than able to be in control of my emotions of fear and confidence! I am just wired to believe that I should be able to know that, real is, and false, is not!


I worry about being worried about. This places stressors on me that make dealing with PTSI even more of a stress on me than the condition alone! Don’t misunderstand me; I believe in the ability of humans to transcend many of the fears that show up, but this takes a full set of tires on the road that we’re traveling


We can negate many of the outcomes that are associated with PTSI, but it takes courage in the face of our fears, and steadfastness in the middle of the storms we are in. but you know I feel confident about me and about all of us. My reason for the last statement is due to the fact that we are reaching out here, and making inroads to find ways to deal positively and coherently with  problem that seems insurmountable to so many.


We’re stronger than our weaknesses, smarter than the incomprehensibleness of our situations, because we are here, and we are searching to heal or at least to heal enough to get better at living inside of the box PTSI tries to trap us inside of. We

Re stronger than PTSI, we’re better than it tells us we can be, we are disciplined or we would not have searched beyond the therapist’s couch and the pharmacist’s drugs. But we still have to consider THEM. The ones who are not often considered to have a part in our issues.


Those who are in the storm with us, but not thought of as being so. The close ones, who are hidden from sight, but may be experiencing PTSI, through their associations with those who have the condition.


Alive means we still have a chance. Take the ones that look usable for your good.


#IOwnMe  #IllBeatPTSIForMyLife

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