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PTSI: is it a judgment call?

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Friday, July 21, 2017, 20:50

Have they made it all up? Is PTSI just another in a series of BS operative titles given to a condition that they (professionals) cannot understand?


In a recent conversation with some friends, (all of whom are diagnosed as having PTSI!) we were bouncing around a few ideas about this condition that we’ve wondered about for a while. Since I was “stationary”, we had time to talk about it, finally!


We brought out the old and much-argued subject of whether or not PTSI is a made up diagnostic title that has no basis in reality, and is this condition simply humans being raw humans? We have all studied the history of psychiatry and none of us trust the profession!


Have they concocted a condition to stigmatize a group of people who may just be hyper-aware of their surroundings and have hyper-access to memories most people don’t?

It’s been historically the way for the “Doctors” of this field to operate, for certainty!


Ask us; you know, the people who are dealing with the condition, and we can tell you that the symptoms are real, the effects are real and the aspects of its impact are real as all outdoors!


The profession is full of it though, they make up the gaps in their lack of knowledge by inserting a lot of nonsensical terminologies that they have invented and inserted into their official code books for treatments, and then they simply recycle the same old chemicals that have been traded as the treatment for the past few decades. “Rename, and give the same!”


PTSI is real! It is the influence of trauma on the emotionally reactive nervous system that is left exposed by non-treatment to the injury that causes the memories to flow back and forth like a half-full tank of gasoline on a tanker truck that keeps stopping and going, jerking itself back and forth in the process!


You’ve seen it, a tanker truck stops next to you, and the truck is moving up and down, that’s the liquid doing it’s gravity-thing, like memories that cause emotional distress do to us! Not so cool when it’s inside of a person’s head, but the truck thing? I’ve got to say, that can be a cool thing to see!


Inventive language is not going to help any of the persons who are suffering from emotional injuries. We need true healing dynamics to be initiated to call a halt to the involuntary movement of our emotions! We’re asking a lot, but a lot is at stake for all of us! We’re losing persons to the option of suicide because they can[t wait for the treatments to overtake the conditions and the fears that they face. We need to be better than this!


We can dust off old texts and try to give the impression of helping, but the reality of it is that life is being snuffed out, and this should be a wake-up call to those in the position to throw us away if they want to do so. One more dead? OK then, get me another patient lined up. Trust me, that line is going to be there for a while to come!


The psychiatric profession can make up terminologies and treatments modalities, but the sufferers will continue to do so, and more of these will choose an escape, rather than patience, release, rather than to wait for relief. What a shame it should be to these people to have become so relaxed as to stop at nothing, as the something we have to accept!


Take it personally if you are a professional psychiatrist, but in my experience, I’ve gotten no relief, no respite, no hint that I am making progress, and this makes me sad.


We’re still debating the situation, but we agree on at least one thing: more could and should be getting done.


Open your eyes on every tomorrow you can!


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