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A book, and an industry, and WE pay the price!

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Sunday, July 23, 2017,  23:48

Cautionary Statement


The specified diagnostic criteria for each mental disorder are offered as guidelines for making diagnoses, because it has been demonstrated that the use of such criteria enhances agreement among clinicians and investigators. The proper use of these criteria requires specialized clinical training that provides both a body of knowledge and clinical skills. These diagnostic criteria and the DSM-IV Classification of mental disorders reflect a consensus of current formulations of evolving knowledge in our field. They do not encompass, however, all the conditions for which people may be treated or that may be appropriate topics for research efforts. The purpose of DSM-IV is to provide clear descriptions of diagnostic categories in order to enable clinicians and investigators to diagnose, communicate about, study, and treat people with various mental disorders. It is to be understood that inclusion here, for clinical and research purposes, of a diagnostic category such as Pathological Gambling or Pedophilia does not imply that the condition meets legal or other nonmedical criteria for what constitutes mental disease, mental disorder, or mental disability. The clinical and scientific considerations involved in categorization of these conditions as mental disorders may not be wholly relevant to legal judgments, for example, that take into account such issues as individual responsibility, disability determination, and competency.



Oh my, can you feel the breeze that just went up into the room, as the contingent of psychiatrists just agreed upon the newest of their “invented” nomenclatures for diagnosis?

The above statement is the opening statement from the DSM IV. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.


This book, is the bible of the psychiatric community, it is the invented tome of their diagnostic al information and it is accepted in many courts, don’t accept that last paragraph is as comical to me, as an episode of “Tom and Jerry”!

Yes, it is taken in consideration for legal cases and judgments against persons who will stand powerless to argue against the almost unlimited power of the word of the “mind-merchants”!


I talk about this a lot because the profession can ruin lives, and destroy the structure of our entire society! I am a walking poster for individuality and the truth that we are each a decisively special piece of the entirety of the world, simply due to my being the only one of myself. Each of you has the same distinction.


Why do we focus so much on what is wrong with us? Isn’t there any reason to become more proud of what is right, in deference to my emotional issues, I can say only one thing: “Leave me the hell alone, sometimes, OK!?”


This quote comes from a famous author:

“I think that we’re all mentally ill. Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better – and maybe not all that much better after all.”

― Stephen King


From <https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/72139-i-think-that-we-re-all-mentally-ill-those-of-us>


What in the hell is this all about?


I see it that we all live in the world that has serious issues that can produce an abnormal set of responses to the traumas that they cause in a person’s mind. But that, I feel, makes us more normal than not! Stephen should stick to his seriously overrated writing, and stay away from using a self-descriptive as a generic term!

Don’t we have enough stigma to overcome?


Ok, we have a long way to go in the flight to arrive at understanding the workings of the human mind, but this is not just hit-or-miss here, this is about saving lives, and reducing pain.


So, I’d like to add my own word and definition to the “Non-DSM I”


  • Personhood- the validity of the existence of a life form of the human variety. Born with all of the features and rights that are naturally asses with that existence. An individual human, who if needed, should receive optimal care and healing.



As I read the “other” book, I noticed that it was very general in its form and its function, it was as if breathing the same air, made us all the same being. Preposterous as it may sound, some institutions would love for us to be treated in such a way!


I had a teacher when I was a kid who told me that “only crazy people talk to themselves!” I told her that, I wondered if the person who was listening to that private conversation, is crazier than the one who was doing the talking?


I talk to myself even today, and I know that I’m not the only one who does this. I’m in good company! I wonder if that teacher ever got the point that what I was saying is that she should be minding her own damned business? Hmmm, I should look her up and ask her.


A counselor at my middle school asked me why I laughed when I saw a boy slip and fall on the ice. I told him: I laughed out loud, the same way people have done to me, it just looks funny! I noticed that you, bit your tongue to keep from doing the same thing, that makes you the strange one here, huh?


What is normal and abnormal, is coopted to the particular situation and the person who is observing the event. I can see an accident and wonder why the idiot just didn’t slow down, while still being concerned about his safety. Or I can see someone who gets punched in the face and find it to be a funny thing to have seen, depending on why the punch was thrown.


One thing I’ll never understand though, is why we destroy a person’s humanity for being emotionally injured? Why do we find suffering to be funny? Institutional destruction of the human being is nothing new, it’s as old as the species, but now, we have a better grasp on the ludicrousness of such bull, and we should be far beyond the nonsense of being so contrived as to need to degrade someone for our own relevance!


Emotional illness is caused by trauma, and we need to get busy in finding healing methodology that has a chance to work across a widely dispersed spectrum, and not pinpointed identifications that give the illusion that work is being done.

Their own cautionary statement tells us that we can’t trust the pages to tell us anything of hard substantive importance, it’s just agreed upon BS!


Disagree? I’d sure like to here the opposing points because I’m not playing an expert here, just an observer who is being treated according to the assumptions that have been included inside of this “book” of professionally contrived identifiers.


Help me, I need a truth-burger, I’m starving from not eating the bullshyte garbage platters they’re trying to sell me!


Good health, happy hours, belly laughter until you can’t breathe!











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