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Complex PTSD

New to no one! As old as we are; emotional injuries.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017, 17:15

PTSI(D) Shock, psychological injuries, emotional distress, combat fatigue, combat shock, emotional disturbances, insanity, wired differently, shell shock, the thousand yard stare, emotionally unstable, intellectually retarded, name the identifier, and someone can tell you their experiences under its influence in relation to the public and even their family and friends.


Yes, it’s true, we come up with ways to dehumanize certain conditions due to their closeness, their abilities to become a part of who we are. Take a few moments or so and try t imagine that you are one of the persons who make decisions, if you started having responses to situations that you couldn’t control, and couldn’t explain to yourself. Going to seek the help of a therapist might place that shading effect of stigma on you, it might endanger your position, your livelihood and your standing in whatever community it is in which you work.


You try to hide from the problem, deny that it exists, but it gets worse as you do this. It gets more and more invasive, and you get more fearful not just of being found out, but of the problem as it becomes more difficult to hide due to unpredictable nature.

This is life, as a person who is dealing with PTSI(D) issues!


Here is a surprising fact, and it just happens to be the truth: this condition is not new, and it is not just a combat soldier’s issue, it is a person’s issue! And we… are each a person!


Science is working on brain issues all of the time, as they seek to learn the how’s and the why’s of its workings, and maybe a way to incorporate a melding the mechanical with the biological, but that is not helpful to the sufferers of emotional injury affects!


I know that as a person who deals with complex PTSI and deep depression that I may be seen as a less than capable of making a cogent statement on the subject, but I AM a capable speaker about this, I AM not only worthy of being heard, I am necessary to ANY conversation and so are ALL of you, who have this issue, this demonizing condition of which so many are afraid of and ignorant about!


Truth can have a deleterious effect on conversations. The light that it sheds cannot be hidden from and it can’t be blocked out, it’s just, well… there!

Light is the last thing that a cockroach wants, it needs to hide inside of the shadows, feeling safer to promote its own programs. There are persons who are this way. Anyone who is promoting an agenda which will have a negative effect on the people and surroundings is like this, light-shy. In need of keeping it as dark as possible to cover their tracks.


We can own our issues. I own me. I own my issues and my problems, even as I work to diminish the effects they may exert upon my life. Should I decide to deny their existences, I expose myself to a worse fate. Covering up my lies, while I am covering up my issues, not a coherent way to live I can assure to anyone!


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How emotional events can appear to a person; I know that they have to me at times. Everything abnormal and jumbled, mixed p in ways that manifested themselves as nonsense, inexplicably unrecognizable.


Try to give someone a clear explanation of this; just try it! I have, and it caused me more confusion than assistance, more stress than comfort. So… why would I keep doing this to myself? I would rather interrupt the overflowing of this emotional river.


We have history on our side with PTSI. This complicated and uneasy condition has been around as long as humans can remember. We are not disordered, we are encumbered, and an encumbrance can be engineered to get over, under, around or even to eliminate the problem altogether! We are each engineers, as we struggle to diminish and defeat this condition and the aftermath it is causing to us and to our surroundings. It is experienced locally, but it can and often does, have a more community-demeaning aspect attached to its presence.


You’re good, you know. You aren’t a possible public nuisance, you are an affected person who needs help to overcome issues that are interruptive to your life, and you are NOT the only one. When you look into the mirror, try not to look for a monster, because you can fool yourself into believing that it is you, and this is just not the truth!


Emotional issues are not new, they are not prejudicial so they don’t pick on certain cultures, colors, or areas where people live. Emotions live everywhere that person lives, everywhere where groups of persons live, it lives where persons become people, and people become especially susceptible to the creating of emotional issues. Sorry, but we’re better as persons than we are as people. Think about that one, on your own, it does make sense.


Here is my non-scientifically arrived at semi-conclusion: stress can cause emotional injuries, lack of treatment of those injuries can and often does cause future damage that will impact the individual in unpredictable ways. Everyone is susceptible to emotional illnesses based upon traumas that have gone untreated and unrecognized. YOU are NOT a problem or a disorder, you are a person who is deserving of all the respect and the compassion that can be given to you. You deserve to be as whole as you can possibly be.


Join yourself, for a little pick-me-up. Be available to your best self, even if it is only in little quantities, but when it is available, use it for you, use it to promote strength and coherency, use it to find ways to engineer your healing.


Be whole, be alright with yourself, be inclusive to your own remodeling and renovation project, you’ve earned it. Everyone has.


Let’s all become whole, healthy, self-loving and compassionate.





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