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Someone always knows that you have an emotional illness.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017, 21:08


Denial is humanity’s great cover-up try. It works sometimes, but more often than is not, it fails.

Emotional illnesses are where it always fails, denial is NEVER successful, not EVER!

The knowledge of the condition is well-known and it is above the water so that it can be seen as the cause for the ripples being made in the water. Hiding from this does not work, it just eats up the energy that could be used to construct internal structural aspects to limit the stress of emotional injuries and the illnesses they produce!

I have made a pretty harsh statement above, and I meant for it to be taken as such. We, the persons who have issues based on emotional injuries have the obligation of being honest with ourselves, and with our world. When the issues are triggered, it is a personal situation, unless it happens when one is surrounded by or dealing with other people. They may be in the dark about your status, and it can be frightening for someone to witness the onset of triggered factors in someone they’ve always seen as “stable”.

Walking on a sidewalk, everyone looks to be “normal”, unaffected with issues that might be conditionally triggered. But internally, a person who is disposed to emotionally traumatic conditions could be less comfortable than he/she may appear to be. This person could be in panic mode, trying desperately to dispel the anxiety and the fear that is rushing over them at the time. Difficult to be done, and I know this from personal and very harrowing experiences!

More than anything, we are taught to try to act “normal”. “just try not to let it affect you!” all of those simplistic yet undoable things that make feeling the fears of emotional traumas even more frightening! Why is it so damned shameful to other people to know a person who is dealing with emotional illness aspects?

Ineffectual relationships seem to make my symptoms worse for me. Relationships with people who don’t want to understand or just cannot find a way to do so. I stay away from them, I keep my distance to stay out of their zone of confusions because I have enough of my own to deal with. I’m not judgmental of the person, just of my own situation.

I will say to all of us: we cannot hide our situations because there is always someone who knows of its existence: YOU!

My mind, your mind, the minds of anyone who is affected by emotional trauma knows for certain that there is something there that is not quite right, even if whatever IT is, remains unidentified. We still know, we still feel it, we still fear it.

Honestly, I spent years denying that it could be my issue. I denied that it had a possibility to have a chance to exist in my mind because I thought it was a weakening aspect of a person. I had fallen into the trap of creating a stigma about the condition. And then I had my eye opening moment, and I had to admit that I was indeed dealing with emotionally traumatic after effects and that they were manifesting themselves in ways I need help in understanding.

We can fear this condition, or we can fear it and deal with trying to heal some of its triggering issues and effects as we attempt to erode its existence from our lives.

The one thing we need to remain aware of is that someone always knows when we are suffering from emotional illness, and that someone can never deny it out of existence, we must meet it, see it, admit to it, and effectively seek ways to heal from its damaging aspects.

PTSI(D), is not dismissible, but it is treatable.

Wishes for a whole life, mindsets of clarity, feelings of possibilities, and access to hope.


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