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Identity crisis; theirs, NOT ours!

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017, 19:50


We are stigmatized as being “less than” uh… something!


Normalcy is created in the minds of the individual, it may, of course, e motivated by the group mentality, but it might just as well be levied by idiocy and assumption with no substance behind its truth or in this case, a lie.


I don’t know of any other group of persons who are more cognitive than those of us who are aware of being affected by an emotional illness. To be aware of this; one has to be able to be well… AWARE!

Cognition is not something that belongs only to an educationally trained mind, it is innate and we are all possessors of its presence.


To hear some of the most negative definitions of emotionally traumatized persons, you would think that we are all suffering from anoesis ( an inability to use cognition in correlation with emotions, while using our thought processes). This inaccurate description of emotionally injured persons I so damaging, and demeaning, that it has often been used to dehumanize affected persons, and create an atmosphere of fear that is still the norm, rather than the exception to the way in which we are seen in general.


I can speak for myself, and for so many others I have met over the years, when I make this statement: We are NOT anoetic, we are probably the most truly cognitive persons on the planet!

We know we’re sane, we know we’re impacted by an illness which is the result of deep trauma. How much more cognitive can a person be?


Generalizations can ruin lives. We know what this means. Blacks are criminals, whites are Klansmen, Italians are all in the mob, you press a button, and a generalization can be found to demoralize a group just because it gives power to the generalizers.


I say we have identities. We have on this site. Artists, singers, writers, doctors, lawyers, trainers, paramedics, ministers, soldiers, veterans, bus drivers, homemakers, suicide survivors, even people who are considering suicide. Honesty, is the only strength we have here, don’t get that confused. As soon as you lie about who or what you are, you’ve toasted your own ass, and that means, you’re burnt!


Your identity is your strength, not your weakness! You don’t have to be free of emotional issues in order to be necessary to this world. Look at anyone, and I can promise you that they have a bad day from time to time. No mater how rich or how much material they possess, we are all cognitive and aware of good and bad situations. Very few of us can claim a completely bad-day free life!


I believe in God, so I believe in optimism being necessary to claim at least some happiness in my life. Maybe for someone who has difficulty with faith in the unseen deity will have problems with seeing it from my perspective, but maybe not, if they stop and say “OK, today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, so something must be working!”  this is cognition, the use of processes both simple and complex to make sense of your world.


I see my identity as me being me, not as me being someone else’s interpretation! I think that someone who misidentifies me to keep me boxed in, can go suck rotten eggs, and I’ll supply the freaking straw! Rude? Maybe. But didn’t my conclusion demand a use of the cognitive process? Yeah, baby!


So you out there, the one who is wondering why you should go on one more day. Let me tell you why.

Because you are unique and the world needs unique people to stand up, even if they get hit with the pie-in-the-face, wipe it off, and reveal the real you, no matter who takes a shot! Just don’t do it to yourself! Let the iceholes of the world, put you down, but don’t fall on the sword of their hatred for them, make them work for it, and then, deny it to them!


I can say that I know you, because in a lot of ways, I AM you. Fears erupt at the most unusual times, I can be undecided on the rod to travel, indecisive on whether or not to get out today. I can place myself in your position, and I live in that place as often if not more so that most. So I know, and I care, and I give a whole lot of love to all of you. No ulterior motives, just the truth!


I have been through hell, dead, not dead, alive but not living, hurt, but no wound to prove it. Yes, I know, and I wouldn’t wish this on even the people I learned to dislike, but in truth, I am not worried about them, I’m thinking about improving my life and the lives of anyone else who can find a way through any of their storms by what I write here, but I’m not going to put anyone down, not even if they attack me for what I say here. Like I say often: honesty, is the only strength that any of us possess!


Peace, tranquility, a heart of healing, and smooth inner conversations, be yours.




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