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I love my PTSI(D) family!

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Thursday, Aug 3, 2017, 1024 hrs.


Love:  a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

we can all exercise this emotion, and we can do so without the feelings of fear that it will back fire into our faces, and cause us to feel even more emotionally disrupted than our PTSI issues already make us feel at times! this news should make any one of us happier than a mouse caught in a swiss cheese factory! but I realize that there will still be persons who feel less than enthusiastic about the prospect, I feel especially badly for them, I really do!

I feel a great deal of affection for several persons who are on this site, of course, if I simply say that :I love you!” to a person, it could be taken completely out of context, and this would cause problems, but I feel I’ve gained a bit of a rapport with several persons here, and they would know the difference.

Kat Gillie brought me here by the sheer intervention of what I would like to believe was a mercy mission of the Lord. that day I was dead inside and out, I was prepped, and I was on my way out of life at the hands of a former artisan, a person who has saved lives. and there I was, ready to end my own! She’s too modest to admit to this, but her zebra painting made me hesitate just long enough, to take a second to think about the consequences that would arise from my actions. I thank her for this every day. she is someone whom I have come to love.

Sue Wood, who has become a family member to me, is beyond the words I can muster up to explain her importance and significance in my life. She has been through some of the most frightening times, I’ve gone through I recent months, and to say that I am grateful to and for her for doing this, is an absolute understatement! I love her as well!

“Journey of days”, my Aussie angel, whatever happened to bring us into each other’s lives, is a miracle situation! She is such a rock for me, and such a return to my roots to say things they ways in which I need to, and not to protect sensitivities to make someone else more confortable than I am willing to do for myself, and still, stand with me through this storm, makes her incalculablyvaluable to me! I love her too!

Tim Grutzius, a man of service and a friend to those of us who really need one. has stepped in and filled a void in my life, because I can look forward to a vignette from him from time to time that will bring me back to a sense of clarity and lift the fog from in front of my pathway. this takes a special person, not just someone who is woofing to be heard in the world. thank you, Tim, I love you, too!

“Geppy”, “Lin”, Natalie, OMG, there are so many of you, my over-medicated mind is almost swirling trying not to leave anyone off of this list! Suffice it to say: I have found an extended family here, and I hope that any other person would take the time to do so as well!

Living, is better than dying, living well is better than living in fear, but this is the best of what we are going to do, live, in spite of this condition! It will release its hold on us, as we replace it with love for ourselves, and for other persons.

Yes, love is stronger than PTSI! Don’t you love it?







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