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Living inside of a contained-in world, and being happy?

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Thursday, August 03, 2017. 08:30



The day you come into the light of the world, and take up space on the earth. It’s pretty cool for most parents, but for some, it only represents THEIR loss of freedom. I wonder why these types of people have children in the first place? They seem to be wasting the gift of seeing a new life grow into something unexpected and should be excited to be a part of the process. It takes all kinds!

First steps. Man, I’ve seen such excitement exhibited at this event in so many parents, and then till in others, absolutely no positive response to what has taken place whatsoever. It always mystifies me how it can be ignored in such a dramatically idiotic fashion.

Fist actual word which has been clearly spoken. OMG! Parents see this as a genius in their child, exiting its prison from the inside of the infantile mind, where still others, could seem not to be able to care any less than they do!

All of these examples are simply steps in a life. But more than just one. Two )hopefully) parents, and the child, go through each and it should be experienced as momentous occasions not passed by as if they were just dead leaves on the sidewalk.

I refuse to see events of such momentous identities as simply one more thing that should have happened and thus, need no fanfare. I like to celebrate the big “firsts” of life, even if it in someone else’s life that it has to be done!

As we become toddlers, our parents or guardians start to form the sides of the box of “safety” as they see it to be. The box keeps them from having to keep an eye constantly on the toddler as he/she grows into the curious being that must learn what everything is around in the immediate environment. This should be a time of learning for the parents as well as for the child, but parents are adults, and they have already fallen victim to the indoctrination process that makes them see childish things as less than noteworthy. Safety trumps interest. Sad, really.

But I don’t see milestone events as being childish or unworthy of my attention. I marvel at the first steps, words, and almost anything else accomplished by the complexity of the young mind because their slate is so pure and learned things have to make sense to them before they will incorporate it into an item they will utilize!

Each of us went through this process in one-way or another. Those who were helped along by caring parents, I applaud them for being those types of persons, it’s a joy to see persons who enjoy the child/children!

The formation of emotional issues and illnesses that result from them, are stair stepped in a similar fashion. Some people are immediately exposed to the complete injury once, and for all, and never have the experience again. The problem however, is that the damage is done, and is not repaired through treatment and care, that is necessary to cause the process to take place. We all have a distant cousin of this component.

In the immediate aftermath of an emotional injury, the hemorrhagic aspect begins. The leaking the incontrollable leaking away of the necessary safety barrier to our emotional protective psychology, begins in earnest, and if it is not treated quickly, it can become uncontrollable and in many cases, insurmountable to live with!

Having an emotionally caused disaffected event is not the end of anyone’s life, but I know from experience that it is frightening and very discombobulating as a possible issue in the future. A future in which many of us are unaware we want deal with. How do we overcome this? That’s the point of talking about it, that is why I am here instead of in an urn waiting to be spread over the ocean somewhere as was the plan when I constructed every issue of my suicidal plan. Oh yes, I was there, more than once! I was tired of feeling ineffective and impotent as a person. Someone who could not contribute. A former musician who saw his craft taken away, his ability to properly provide for his family, gone!

My whole identity had been placed inside of an odd-shaped -box and I couldn’t find a way to open it in order to get it back. I was pissed off, I was afraid, I was confused and I was tired! I saw suicide as THE way to end it, a way to take away this unending sense of doom and the feelings of pain that contracted my every moment into a tightly squeezed contraption I was unaware of having been placed inside of!

It was when I spoke to a vet in a group setting that I decided that I would not be a victim to my PTSI, I was going to become a Paladin (Advocate) I was going to work my ass off to help someone, even if only one, because that’s my way. I defend, I live for it. I use the bible to teach persons how to defend themselves against the voice of evil that voice that talks them into doing something self-harmful to them, and harmful to other persons as well! Evil is simply a lie that harms if it is followed.

PTSI, is a lie! It tells me that I am damaged beyond redemption and beyond the ability to be healed and that I will always feel the fears and the confusions and the pains, and the absolute feelings of useless ness that brought me to my suicidal knees before. I say to hell with that! I will die like anyone else will, but it won’t come at my own hand, not now, not since I’ve learned that I can say anything that can make a difference, not since I’ve learned that I have the right to live and so does everyone else!

I am going to bash the total hell out of this constrictive receptacle that has me trapped, and then, I hope to teach someone else how to do the same. I know I may seem to be a little egomaniacal to make such a statement, but ego has to play a part in the survival of any organism that intends to exist! I’m an organism, I matter, and so do each of you. If you don’t believe that you have the strength to live even with PTSI, talk to SOMEONE HERE, NOW!

We need everyone, and this includes you as well!

None of us is out of time. We each have a fight to deal with, I do, you do, so what? We can fight or we can exist as a lifeform that will make no effort to produce its own happiness, and this is supremely sad to believe for anyone!

All life is worthy of existence, and that includes yours as well

I pray for your complete mindfulness of your importance, and not of your pains, I ask God for your undivided emotional mindset to become your permanent configuration.



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