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Being “here”.

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Friday, August 04, 2017, 15:30

Victory is a subject able to cause varying emotional responses. Wars, that have been won can cause a mass wave of euphoria, or for the vanquished, and an impending sense of foreboding and fears, that will cause a sense of shame that can never be erased, depending upon the aftermath’s consequential dynamics.


I’ve had these emotions when it comes to triggered effects and the aftermaths of what took place during the episodes. Some have crushed me, others have been overcome with a relative ease that defied even my best expectations. It takes time to figure it all out, but it is most definitely worth the time to accomplish the task.


The title above, it indicates a few issues foe me. The fact that I am still here, the truth that there are times when I don’t want to be, also that I would still consider the self-inflicted introduction into the afterlife, which I can soundly refute, thank you very much!


My question involves not just a position of geography, but one of intellectual aptitude. Can I be certain that I occupy the intellectual capacity to say that I am in fact “here”? I mean by this, on this plane and level of existence, where my input can be valuable to the conversations that may be taking place. Do I fit the area I am entrenched inside at this time, or am I dreaming a sequence inside a dream of which I am unaware of my being asleep in order to have access to?


The insipid qualities of being unaware are very disquieting during those times when I am aware of its presence. Can anyone deny liking to know where they are presently, and actually feeling comfortable with being there? I know that I can’t say this.


“Here”, is a place? Or can here, be an illusory concoction of the mind’s necessity to find normalcy inside of chaos? I know how to assess a given situation, but is this a reality or a fantasy of instituted performances to give the appearance of a life and a community of persons who create cultures and histories. Can we truly say that we exist at any point, when we lose a life and are never again aware of the person

S continued existence?


Is death final, or are we already not alive, but just performing before we finally cease to do so? Can “here”, be a non-existence of which we are still as of yet unaware? As outside of reality as this may sound; isn’t that  are here about, the alterations of our realities due to an emotionally disruptive condition that has manifested itself in dramatically drastic ways, that defy what is called “normalcy”?


Assumptive speculation can go on ad-infinitum, if one wanted to go there, but does it help to not at least ask some of the more illusory questions when we are dealing with an illusive and idealistically challenging subject such as the workings of the human mind?


We have entered heavy-weather territory and there is no guide as there I no precedence insofar as there ever having been an instance of empirically proven qualifications to answer the questions!


Creationists deny scientifically challenging questions to the evolution theorists, because it promotes the fear that maybe we’re not as unique as we want to believe ourselves to be. It’s another testing of the ego of humankind, and not so much a challenge for or against God or even science. I see it more as an attempt to qualify the superiority complexes’ we’ve been taught to fly into the faces of nature.


Hey, but I’m “here”, right? So there must be something to my assumptions that I mean something to this world, just as does anyone else. We all have at least the limited authority to shout that “I exist!” and that means that we should fight the forces that want to take us out, forces like PTSI and other emotional illnesses that disrupt our abilities to feel as if we should take another breath, step or chance to see another sunrise or sunset. Fight it by choosing not to die by suicide!


Fight PTSI and all emotional illnesses and conditions, by offering an ear to someone who is asking to be heard. Being here for others  can only strengthen the resolve to maintain your own existence, I know it does so for my own. Why not give it a try for yourself, because I need yo to be “here” with me, and I’m certain that I’m not the only one who feels this way!


Let’s try to focus on life, and let death take care of itself, it will come soon enough on its own, I don’t think that we need to offer to it, any help to achieve its mission!









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