Emotional injuries can interrupt safety, so I keep seeking a way to find it. | #PTSDchat

Emotional injuries can interrupt safety, so I keep seeking a way to find it.

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Placement is not optional when you are placing your emotional security on the line. Everything must add up to the correct sum, but often there are units that just don’t want to cooperate to make the equation successful in its operative capacity.

Lifetimes are often lived in seconds when fear is the driving force of the moment. Far too many people know how this feels, and far too many people are dismissive of their issues, unless or until they are placed into the same position.

Fill your mind with images of destruction and pain and domination of individual choices that have been stolen, and you start to understand why there are too many who will not come forward to speak of what they are going through. And you even begin to see that the system of treatment is insufficient to handle the number of cases that could be involved if they were to do so.

The biggest door that must be opened is the one marked “Compassion”. Finding this door is a hassle that is causing more and more persons not to join in the groups of people who are seeking to be treated by an overwhelmed and under-regulated system of health services that will probably do nothing more than offer pills and the hope that they will be effective without causing more damage to the person! emotional injuries are not concomitant with being intellectual unavailable! This insult is a qualifying and confrontational creative element in why persons with issues of the emotions will not come forward, they just do not trust the process. They know that a mind-care professional can label them as being a public and personal danger, and can then have their life placed into enforced institutionalization, and destroy their lives and those of their families in the process.

Mental illness perception in society has a lot to overcome. the historically inaccurate stigmatic pictures of the warbling buffoon who has to be placed into restraints or into the socks for being a loud-mouthed fool are still fresh in everyone’s memories. compassion has not been the first level of influence insofar as perception is concerned.

I can only imagine what an injured and frightened mind perceives within itself when it constructs a picture of how its possessor will be treated if the secret is let out.

Nothing is pretty about the world-view of emotional illness. For a long time, the biggest idea about people with any sort of “different” sociological actions has been that of someone who needs to be “put away” from society for their own “protection”. This, of course, has most vibrantly been disproved over time and experience with a vast number of dynamics which are not violent, but self-protective in their natures.

I find it difficult to speak f my own adventures with emotional injury because it opens that door, it shapes in the mind of a stranger their ability to assume that they know me personally when I am myself, still a relative stranger beyond the present moment, this leaves me no choice other than to feel insulted by someone who thinks that their training gives them insight into who I’ll be tomorrow or beyond. It is doubtful in my mind that I am alone in feeling this way.

Safety, healing, strength, decisiveness, willingness to explore possibilities and imagination can all be destroyed and to the least extent, distracted as easily accessed abilities in the minds of the injured. My goodness, should it be this wearisome to find a way to feel better inside?


So, where is safety?

I like the possibilities that are coming from peer adaptations as alternatives to simply being cataloged for a book. I can sit and talk with a person or group who know where I am to some extent, and this makes the process seem just a bit less frightening. I admit to having fears, they exist due to the uncertainties that come with the infrequency of events that may be the result of triggers, some of which I am still unaware are such.

A person with emotional issues can never take the time to trivialize anyone else who may be complaining that they may be altered in some way, because the person with the known injuries is well aware of the terror that can be caused due to the uncertain nature of elements of triggering and the reaction these triggers may cause. Safety is relative to the individual in most cases, but not when safety is of a quantity to the person in such numbers that it has little to no weight in their daily life-structuralization.

historical ideas about emotionally injured persons are banal at their very least manifestations, but they are more than just morally commonplace to the person dealing with the conditions, the are dangerous!

living should be less fearful and more cheerful than it is for most individuals, but for the person who has been emotionally traumatized, the cycle is terrifying at times. Less normal as a substrata of being alive, than a materialization of being a sovereign and created being who is worthy of respect and compassionate dispensation from other people.

Can we find safety? Should we try to do so?

All of the answers we seek, have to be there, because the questions are only formed by necessity of having a causative factor in the first place!

So… I am saying it again: placement.

The truest of a person’s existence. Where we are placed can be changed but only by the determined mind of someone who is willing to step out an to take the chance that it will not end in pain for them.
This step, is the one that eludes many of us with emotional traumas, it’s like walking on a sidewalk, and taking an extra step that throws you off balance, or walking up the stairs and taking an extra step that throws you off of balance and makes you look silly!
However, there is nothing silly about feeling like you’re always taking that misstep, and falling forward!

I am trying to deal with what I am going through by trying to share my journey with others like me. These persons who are seeing the least of themselves as being the best that they will ever achieve. I want for them all to know that they are not a problem nor are they useless and worthless to the world, they are a reason to seek comfort and relief and to share the finding with everyone else!

I know that easy is not really a way to look for, because nothing is truly easily accomplished, not even the stupid things that are done, but easier than it is now, is really something to ascribe to finding, no?


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