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What I’m hearing, versus what I’m seeing.

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August 19, 2017, 2040 hrs.


Today, well… all week long to be precise, I’ve been hearing about the unified nature of our country, and I can say with certainty that this is not what I have been seeing!

I have been hearing about the hatefulness of a president who refused to condemn organization with a long and very publicly recognized history of violence and hatred against other people about whom they feel are inferior and thus, unworthy not of just being in this country, but as well of taking a breath!

I abhor racists, and human-hating human beings who live beyond their realities, and those of others. It is a reprehensible product of taught ideologies that are purposely hateful and designed to create new generations of people who will carry on the traditions of disrespect and marginalization of people who look different from themselves.

Hate-based groups go back a long way into the past, they are not new to a world of internet access and television news coverage. They are the suspect that is never interrogated, and they are the causative motivation for inconclusiveness and divisiveness amongst a nation, and a community of people who would otherwise seek only to live productive lives, and not try to downgrade the lives of the people who live around them.

Still, however, today, we have newer arrivals to the hate-mongering scene. Those who would stunt individualistic thoughts and beliefs, even when those beliefs are not diminishing of the rights of other people.

We have persons who have infiltrated legitimate civil rights groups, and accessed the dynamics of these organizations and perverted the meanings behind their ever coming into existence!

“Black Lives Matter” could be legitimate in the eyes of everyone, but the violence of idiots and self-hating fools has demeaned its point for existing and of rights being an acceptable organization in the eyes of most of the society. This includes a majority of the people of the black community as well.

Yes, for black Americans it is still taking some time to get over its history of being abused, shamed and tortured. They are still suffering from a type of personal emotional trauma which is akin to what we call PTSI(D). Imagine it for yourself: a long history of marginalization, torture, and mistreatment. Remember: laws may make something illegal, but it does not change the minds of individuals in a very quick fashion. Hatred is still directed towards people of color. And they have to still react to its inclusion in their lives.

A person who has grown up in an area where genocide is the norm never forgets it, they never forget the smells or the sounds or the fears that are produced from their existence. A firecracker popping might send this person into a wreck!

Hatred produces fear, anger, rage, confusion, discontentedness, inundation into a world of madness that knows no seeming access to a solution for its entrenchment.

Co-products of hatred are not normal, they are a product of abnormalcy, and this means that it cannot produce anything other than the sum or the product of its parts.

I am hopeful that the people of good will outweigh this terror-creating atmosphere, and come together to show that it will no longer be tolerated in any community, no matter the skin-color makeup!

The media jumped across the line when it failed to make clear that there were two sides who clashed last weekend. Yes… I will admit that the intentional use of a permit to march should have brought out those who oppose hatred, but the distance should have been maintained and the groups should have never been allowed easy access to each other.

Antifa, the secondary opposition group that decided to protest against hatred by creating its own violence in the carrying out of its operations, let itself and its alleged ideological principle down, when they attacked and used chemicals, urine, fecal matter, and other improvised weapons in an attempt to keep the legal protesters from voicing their opinions.

I do not agree with what the KKK, Neo-Nazis, or other hate groups preach, but they had the legal right to gather at that statue, and the media has specifically seemingly had a lapse of memory in regard to this aspect of the situation!

I saw the event as it was allowed on television, but I also saw raw and unedited footage from people who were there and recorded the events,, it wasn’t pretty on any side of the street, to be assured, but one WAS legal, even if repugnant in their ideas, and the other, chose this as an opportunity to attack in the name of anti-hatred. Insanity ruled, and a young woman lost her life because the police did nothing to control the scene as they saw it obviously getting out of control!

Hate groups, no matter what they are for, are not a form of freedom of expression, they are an attempt to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear, and this is what terrorism is!

Much like PTSI(D), is a terroristic attack on the emotions, fear planted through the use of hatred, murder, and actions that create death, and implanted levels of fear into certain groups of people, for ANY reason, is untenable as its own energy will eventually consume its practitioners. But in the meantime, it creates victims. Persons who sit back and wonder if their door will be kicked in and if they will be attacked while doing nothing more than walking down the street, or going to church services.

I’ve lived this life, but I am stronger than the enemy needs for me to be weak. I don’t cower under the bed when a knock comes on the door, I look and I answer it as is necessary.

We are seeing a new wave of PTSI creating input as we watch this sideshow, of total inanity as it takes place. The absence of self-control is a great weight on the shoulders and the minds of people who have as yet to be identified.

Will treatment for these persons be covered? As we all witnessed, the government did nothing to keep the violence from happening, until it was so out of control, that an innocent person was killed for their lack of actions!

I’ve been rousted while going to school, work, and in uniform! I don’t blame the whole of white society for this; no, I’m much smarter than the liars who say that I can’t be are saying. I love all people. I don’t like all ideologies or actions, or words, but you know what? When it’s legal for a group to make a point; it’s illegal for them to be attacked for doing so.

That young woman: “Heather Heyer“, died standing up for people, not against the right for haters to speak in public. Her presence was probably the least likely to have created a violent scene, but still, she is dead. Why do we allow hatred to cause so much pain, even today? Oh, and rest assures, that pain will reveal itself in emotionally horrific ways in the near future.

I’m loathed to say that last statement, but I know that it is true.

More fuel for the PTSI fire and no one other than a few of us will probably ever see it in this way. THIS is the most frightening aspect of a situation of this sort. If it is not directed toward us personally or someone we know, we might choose to try and not think about it at all!

My goodness, we cannot allow for this to become normal for our country, communities, or for our world!



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