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Individual choices to heal and to live.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017,  0230 Hrs.


Freedom: self-determined life, without regulation or restraints.

Liberty: freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.

freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

Similar, but not identical. They are somewhat interchangeable in some circumstances, but they each have a meaning which is self-empowering as to the results it should produce.

As a free person, a walk down to the corner store should be accomplished without the need to look over one’s shoulder to see if someone will be attempting to impede that process. No one should be able to tell you that you cannot walk to the store simply because of their desire to keep you from doing so!

Assume that you are sitting in your home, watching Sunday football, and someone you’ve never seen before kicks in your door and says “I don’t want you to have this TV anymore, so I’ll just take it!” now, you don’t have the right to say anything to that person to keep them from doing so, and if they want to take anything else from you, they can do so. This is a lack of having freedom.

This my friends are how PTSI and emotional issues deal with us. It kicks in the door of our emotional tranquility to upset in-the-moment peace, and destroy our perceptions of freedom. It attempts to force a feeling of falsehood as to whether or not we are unacceptable to the rest of the world, and the blasting away of the protective measures that we were born with. It invades, it blitzes our emotions and overwhelms our psyche with an overload of information without the benefit of our innate ability to control its influx.

Any life form that finds itself under attack, will find a way to either escape or protect itself in place. (PTSI/emotional instabilities) are the resulting outcomes of this attempt, at times, not unusual, but not altogether the outcomes as well.

I have often found that my own expectations are more inducing towards negative outcomes because they are instantly issuable into the matrix of my emotions. They are not slowed down by having to be evaluated from an outside filter.

I remember that my issues are not always those of my own making, but I also admit to the ones which are, because of denial, in either case, is more flak to navigate through, it is more junk to be cleared away or stumbled through in order to seek peace. This is never good for the person or even for those who are close to the individual. People who care about us, have to deal with our problems more so than we often want to admit because it makes us look honestly at the true self.

How often have you asked someone else to explain to you why they were responsible for any emotional pain that they caused to you, and waited for an answer? This one event, this one action can be more traumatic than one might believe it could be.

Let me say that I still remember my strengths, PTSI is not all about my weaknesses, nor should it be about yours. Often we get caught inside of the maelstrom that keeps us too busy to reveal all of the stories.

Let me prove to you how strong you are in truth.

You are reading posts on this site, including obviously, this one. Proving that you are demanding more than PTSI is telling you that you are worthy of having. The lies of emotional injuries are very difficult to counteract at times. The close proximity is the reason, we need a little space to see the whole picture or we can miss some very important features that would be helpful in our fight to find peace.

Still thinking about not trying to get better? BS! I call you on that because you’re reading this sentence!

When you give up, you stop looking, you stop trying to find ways to help you relieve the stress, you simply give up. But you, you are here, reading, listening, maybe still too shy to participate, but here nonetheless, and this speaks of your strength, not your weakness! You ARE strong! How about that?

You have made an individual choice to try to get out of this pit you feel trapped in, this means that you have a good chance of being here, when before you didn’t see how to survive one more day. And this point is key: look to open your eyes again, tomorrow, just one more day! You could find the truth of how to enter relief on this day, you could find the answer that ends the pains of every other person who is suffering from an emotional illness or injury.

Are you seeing my issue here, now? It is your choice to do as you feel is necessary to achieve the greater things that your emotional issues are telling you that you cannot do! You can fight emotional issues, or you can ease back and find subtle ways to defeat this boisterous enemy. I believe that in quiet, a warrior is revealed the plan that will defeat his enemy! Sit in quiet, demand it from your mind that it rest and allow you to think for a while. You can learn how to accomplish this, and it takes one thing: persistence!

You are an individual and this makes you a powerful entity, the only one of you that the world can experience. So even with emotional issues in your life, do not dismiss this identity, it is you, and without you, it’s all done in and over! You have a place at this table called humankind, so take it, and fill yourself with the strength that it has to offer, don’t give it away because of fears. I understand the want to find rest, but this is not the way to do it, finding the answers and the truth is all that makes us advantageous as a species, so use them!

Choices can be a bit tedious to wind our way through, but lack of same is worse! The absence of the liberty to think freely and to choose what you will and will not believe and or accept is totalitarianism against the emotions and it makes the mind go into full overload to find ways to foment the qualities of safety and quiet.

Don’t give up your individuality, the world needs all of you, not just a shell that someone else has decided that you should be in your place!

Your smile is unique. The way that you see the colors of a rainbow are unique to your own eyes. Don’t you feel your importance now?

Choose, and do it often. Chang your mind if you want to, you have this duty should you find that you have been believing a lie or living one.

We may gather as groups, but we need to think as an individual. We must keep our identity, or what really is the point?

PTSI is a liar, and it cannot be allowed to rule, it must be bowed and exiled!



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