Live away the stigma of confusion and judgmental incorrectness, by being ALL-YOU! | #PTSDchat

Live away the stigma of confusion and judgmental incorrectness, by being ALL-YOU!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017,  1955 Hrs.

I saw the death of a child one day, I was ordered to stand and to do nothing to delay or to attempt to stop this death from taking place. All over religious ideological idiocy! (At least, in my mind it was!)

“We are taught to believe that…”

You know where the rest of it leads, so I’ll leave it up to your intelligence to get to the end of that sentence.


We see things, and often we allow ourselves to believe that it has had no effect on us at the moment. Often, we are right but more than anything we are wrong. Events of a negative nature have a negative effect, it’s just part of the deal.


We read things, we listen to things, we see things, we are a part of things, all of this is building materials to produce structural aspects of our brains and of our psyches, we play no part in manufacturing how it arranges itself inside of our minds, but we do experience an issues they may produce.


What is it that you want to achieve here PTSI(D) is involved? Will you seek the full cure from its existence? Will you accept flashbacks and developing symptoms which may at some point, trip you up for good, offering you no way back from the abyss into which it has pushed you?


You need to start listening to the other voice inside of you that keeps saying that “It’s really not that bad, we can get through all of this!” because there is that voice in each of us, it cuts through all of the confusion and it makes sense of the senselessness we feel according to this damnable condition’s lies. We can be confused, but this doesn’t mean that we can never get back to the path that makes us cogent to the whole of the world. We belong here and we belong on the front line of recipients of respect and definitive validation of our importance.



Something has been corrupted in our world, something that makes sensible things appear that way. Something of a nature which is contrary to the correct way is in charge of many a mind, and it is not the fault of the person who is feeling what is going on, it is the fault of the corrupted information and it is the fault of many of the people who inflicted corrupted events upon those who are in distress. I don’t let anyone off of the hook, not even myself! I’m not an angel, I’m a man who has done his shyte as well as has anyone else, but it doesn’t add up to defeating a person’s inner sense of safety.


The time to look forward and with your eyes forward is now, forget what you could not do yesterday, allow yourself a moment of triumph now! Why in the world should we live as a defeated person if we can find a way to change the story? Don’t let anyone else tell you about your uselessness unless they can prove their worthiness and absolute knowledge of the subject matter and provide proof of their own exceptionality!


Don’t ask yourself how you are feeling; make yourself feel how you want to, it’s you after all, and who else do you have the right to exercise control over if not yourself?

Blitz the bull&^it that’s being offered as a definition of who, what, and how you are. You exist, you breathe, you talk, you think, you matter, and you have someone somewhere who is hopeful for you to be there when they call or look into your eyes. Don’t you want to be there for the feeling of making someone else happy just because you are there with them?


Confusion, completion, they can be partners, but they don’t have to be so if you choose not to allow for it to be this way. Swing yourself into the notes, be your own music, be your own conductor make yourself a masterpiece!

I see people in this way, even those who make me wonder what in the hell is wrong with them! I don’t care about ideological idiosyncrasies, I care about the human beings


Confused? Well, so am I, welcome to the human being club, in this club, no one is perfect, and that means that no one is an outcast!





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