Are you willing to let someone help you to carry your emotional baggage when you're too tired to do it by yourself? | #PTSDchat
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Are you willing to let someone help you to carry your emotional baggage when you’re too tired to do it by yourself?

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Sunday, September 17, 2017, 1700 Hrs.


No one and I truly mean that no one knows the entire story of emotional injuries and mental illness! PTSI(D), complex, or not, mental conditions too numerous to add here, but well known to all of us, and those issues which are considered to be mental enigmas which still defy a way to be described, are all a part of why any one of us arrives here and reads or writes and pays attention to the events and to the issues that are being reported.

So many people have issues that are a result of emotional assaults that have no real definition outside of their just having come into existence for the person after an event of some sort, that the belief of some persons will not allow for them to accept that they may actually be emotionally compromised. They simply live inside of a shadowy existence, keeping their secret and feeling a pain that never quite leaves them alone. Becoming more and more isolated and distraught.

Here is where we need to start a new way of doing things. This point, this person, this feeling, it must all be redirected into a new way of thinking and believing. This person is managing themselves as if he or she were a prisoner in a facility. The biggest issue with this prison is that it is one within the mind and this is the most confining of facilities inside of which anyone can be found!

This prison can be breached and it can be escaped, but it takes something that each of us has a lot of, but little confidence at times that it is enough to assist us properly: courage. That aspect of ourselves that is deep and strong, but that in and of itself may be its biggest problem for us to use it. Its deepness and its strength! As a person who is compromised by an issue that is already powerful enough to have made me collapse within myself, maybe taking a chance of using another quality that seems to be even more so, is too much to ask from myself.

We ask a lot from our minds. We ask it to entertain us, to make us feel safe, to feel intelligent, to feel almost invincible and arrogant, and confident, but when the mind lets in an anomalous presence, we don’t know where to turn, we are left in a bog, fogginess surrounding our positions, sogginess, under our feet, not knowing where to or if we should even take a step to try to get to another place. Damnable quandary, but one in which anyone could be found instantly.

Talking about it with a clinician can almost seem like an assault on me. I go in seeking answers, and I come having only given information. This type of bullsh*t makes me angry inside, even more so than when I went in! why shouldn’t I say it this way? Am I not trying to be honest here? Isn’t every person here, because they are looking for truthful possibilities to help them with this condition? Well to lie about any part of it is to give it, even more, strength over us, and I won’t contribute to this, I want to destroy the avenues this condition uses to screw with my head!

Nonsensical treatment offerings make me feel like I’m auditioning for a part in a Stanley Kubrick movie! The part of the deranged individual who is constantly seeking to hurt others because of his own pain. A conduit for introducing new definitions to be added to the treatment bible that will be used to “treat” me and others who have any conception of mental “abnormality”, not just a person in pain who is seeking to be less so impinged inside of the hurt.

Here’s where trust starts to play a role.

1. Can you find trust in another person to help you when your baggage is too heavy for you to carry by yourself?

I know without a doubt that y ability to trust other people became almost nil when I started to fall into my pit. I didn’t want to deal with myself, let alone try to trust someone else. I tried to hide that I was dealing with something on an emotional level, because of the stigma that I know is attached to the issue, so I hid inside of my own fears, and I didn’t tell anyone for years, that something was wrong with me.

PTSDchat is an exceptionally safe place to come and to hear the stories that may well mirror your own situation. I trust more people here than I do in my treatment team right now because my treatment professional is not inside of the storms I face, she is not a bad person, she is just not endowed with empirical experience to actually be able to know where I stand.

2. Do you feel that you are a part of your treatment team?
3. Do you feel that you should be?

Emotional issues are not a chemical imbalance gone off of the rails; I feel that they always result from injurious assaults that destroy the integrity of the protections that are innate to our physiology. Use a car for an example: you buy it, the body is new, fresh, intact. One day, a driver crunches into the side of the car, and now it’s not so intact. The window is off-track and if it rains, the water gets in and wets up your car’s interior. Can you see PTSI(D) and other emotional issues resulting in this way? From some type of damage-causing event? Because to me, this makes perfect sense!

4. Are you willing to put yourself into a position to accept suggestions from strangers who are dealing with issues which are either similar or even identical to your own?

We all want to at least portray ourselves as being strong, but we are here at this site, and this tells a story about each of us. Maybe a story of recovery with some still lingering issues to be resolved, or maybe the “just before I do it!” area, where you are thinking of committing the ultimate dismissal of your pain. But whichever or whatever your reasons, you have shown strength and survivor’s instincts by being here. Congratulations!

Confidence is a product that comes from the competence of our treatment opposites. If our treatment professionals are not seen as competent in our eyes, we will not feel safe enough to trust the person to offer anything of value in our treatment sessions.
5. Are you confident in your treatment professional’s abilities to place him or herself into you unique position during the treatment sessions you share?

right now, if you are believing that there is no hope; are you willing to Directly connect with anyone you see on the chat? We are all empathetic because we are all dealing with emotional injury issues, we are not advanced, we ARE you, just as different people!

Have you ever watched a football game? See how the linemen open up holes so that the running back can break through and gain a yard? Well, that’s what we do here, we open up some holes so that you can break through and see the goal line, which in our cases, is the possibility of creating a touchdown that will give us all some relief of these symptoms and a release from some of the events we deal with all-too-often.

The codebook for the entire treatment field of emotional injury treatment and the diagnosis of all mental illnesses and emotional issues is the DSM, and it is simply made up, and then voted into existence!

6. Outside of your counselor or therapist, can you make a list of at least two people who you feel you could talk to openly about your deepest secrets involving your PTSI(D) issues?
7. In regard to your issues; have you been honest with yourself, about what you are really experiencing with your PTSI(D) combinations?

You have to team up with a true champion for your health. And there a none better than you will find, than someone who is going through the storms that you are facing. I’m not saying that you will be healed and free from your issues, but I am saying that after you get into sharing with others who are standing in the same quicksand you often feel that you are in, it gets to making sense that you can make it another day, or take that one more step, or try that one more attempt to feel whole or at least more so that you are right now. Because right now, is what counts. Don’t live as the victim of your injury, live instead of it!

We, as a unified community of like-affected people, DO have the right to offer to anyone, our opinions, and our options that we have tried, and we can say that it can be better, even if not all of the time. You need strength and that often can mean that you need to lean on someone else, but to have an entire community who are all willing to help you out, is a blessing!

What about unity? It makes conditions less stressful when you can reach out and bitch about the problem or the pains you are dealing with at any given moment. I have not met anyone here on this site or on Wednesday evening’s chat on Twitter,, 9 pm eastern, 6 pm Pacific, 2 am GMT 1 pm in Australia, Who was a phony or a liar, or was abusive, we are honest, and e are helpful and that hour goes by much too quickly at times, but you know what, it’s so worth it!

Please, don’t think about it, be about it, because you need you, and we, want you.!



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