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Vigilance, in light of the darkness that surrounds us.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 1430 Hrs.

I live in the present state most of the time, but there are instances of “back-living” as I call it, where past becomes present and what used to be, for the moment becomes what is. How do I keep this from happening? I don’t know as of this point because I feel that the past influxes must have a significant reason for being able to force themselves into my present life.


Tragedy struck this week in Las Vegas at a concert full of people when an individual decided that he should open fire and kill people. Now, there is the outpouring of expert opinions that are touting varying points of view as to why this person did what it was that he decided to do. For us here, this can be dangerous, as of course the old trotted out definition; of his having to had been “mentally ill” has been all over the place.


Why in the name of burnt toast, must they always generalize an individual’s actions, based upon an overly used generic term? I think that this makes it easier for the public to see through their own stress over the situation. Unfortunately, it makes the atmosphere less than comfortable for persons who have true emotional issues and mental illnesses that would not cause them to go “postal” (if you will) and harm other people.


The tragedy of mental illness is not just the anomalous nature of the condition, it is also the public’s viewing of those who are so encumbered as being a threat and a hindrance to the safe operations of daily living. As I have attempted to do in my time here, I have personally refused to use the word “disorder” as a part of the PTSI(D) lexicon. I have issued from myself, the changing of the term “injury”, as this is closer to being truthful as to from what the person is suffering.


All people are relevant, but conditions can have such a deleteriously negative effect as to how other persons are seen in the scheme of the human family. We see commercials touting beauty dynamics which are falsely identified as being realistic. An achievement of attaining and then maintaining any of which will be difficult and most emotionally stressing on the person who tries to do so.


We need to be observant and listen to and read whatever is being offered as explanation or definitions of what it means for a person to be dealing with a mental illness. Now especially, when the airwaves are full of suppositions and opinions, we need to understand that the management of symptoms can be seriously impaired as we attempt to deny within ourselves that these interpretations could actually be true about our inner self.


Vigilance is never overdone, it is the factor each of us needs to maintain at all times in order to keep distance between the self, and the dangers that can suddenly spring up and make their attempts to interfere in our lives. Yes, vigilance, not the hypersensitivity that is often a part of PTSI, but the kind that keeps us aware of our surroundings. This is how we are born, it is the innate instinct to keep us in the realm of the living.


Life seeks itself a place in a harmonious accord with nature; disharmonious events are always lurking somewhere, waiting to interject and to interfere, but with vigilance, we can still be in harmony with our true self.

I am still processing the stunning loss of life-based upon a choice made by an individual this week. But I cannot say that he was mentally ill. At best I can say that he weighed options in his decision-making process, and killing a bunch of innocent people, was the choice he opted to accomplish.


My condolences and prayers, for all who are being negatively impacted, by what has taken place. I know that I am one of them.





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