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Personal versus social contracts: where do our obligations really lie?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 2040 Hrs.


We live in a world that is bereft with the necessity of achieving at least the semblance of being civil with one another. Often this atmosphere is best achieved through the creation and acceptance of so-called” “contracts”. (a formal agreement, between two or more parties, that achieves either the doing of or not doing something).

Contracts can be of a legal or a non-legal nature and often carry no real weight outside of the persons who have made the agreement, but are still enforceable in a court of law if the agreement has been signed or even if it has only been agreed to verbally by the parties. Strange, but true.

Now, I come to the point of my blog: the personal contract we make our own minds to be something or to do something to be self-enhancing and self-uplifting to make our life a little better than it is at the present time.

I made one when I was a kid; it contained the provisions that I would seek to do the best that I could, not to be like so many others around me. Doing drugs, alcoholism, pimping out women, breaking into other people’s homes to steal their hard-earned property, making excuse for my lack of personal enthusiasm to achieve anything worthwhile in my life, and then, on top of my lack of achievements, to brag about what I could have done, and be placing the blame on someone else for not having done so.

This explains whether or not I have agreed to live by my personal contract with myself. Of course, as you have read through to the end of it, you can see that the achievement of going through with the points I made in the contract, I decided to let the air drain from inside of the atmosphere that could have supported the life of the contract, and allowed for it to die of lack of support that was necessary for it to live.

A number of persons do this; fortunately for me, I wasn’t one of them, I lived according to m expectations of what I wanted to achieve.

Far too many personal contracts are so much wasted air and ambition dies as the air drains from the room where it was formulated, and the victims are the self-made type, not outside forces, but inside lack of force to move into the direction which was necessary to have made a successful attempt to make the grade.

Now, I have to talk about social contracts. Those agreements that are put together to achieve community acceptance and safety.

an agreement for mutual benefit between an individual or group and the government or community as a whole.

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Many of the social contracts that have been preceding agreed upon have no more cogency in today’s world, and this makes them more of a threat to the individual than mot. An agreement that made it possible for a group of individuals to become and maintain financial superiority in the past, in order to create a business model to create jobs, may now be more problematic in that deregulations have forced an outsourcing of the jobs that the policies created, but still keep the finances funneling upward to those who were originally beneficiaries to the original social contracts.

What about the social contracts that created the vacuum of mental health treatments, leaving them at the sole whims of those who called themselves “experts” with no checks and balances to provide for a way to legitimize their claims? Even today, this profession is still self-governed and self-controlled. If this cabal says something is, then it is considered to be legitimate. This frightens the hell out of me, how about anyone else?

We take the drugs that are prescribed, and we don’t take the time to read the almost encyclopedic sized papers that come with it to explain all that could go wrong with us for doing so. I have a complete set of papers that would keep a legal researcher in a chair for a long period of time, just to interpret what in hell it is saying! I read them religiously, I have to put this stuff into my system, hoping that it will help and not hurt. Damned non-consoling to be sure!

How about the old “Jim Crow” social contracts, that claimed a superiority of whites over all other persons who were non-white? Some persons have as yet to release themselves from the assumptions of this cruelly conceived and maintained,¬†state of mind.

Any social movement that demands that another group be left out of the mainstream of life’s possibilities and the subjugation of this group to substandard treatments as a rule and not an exception, is less than acceptable, but we still have them, and we still use them. Laws that are often beneficial in keeping numbers in check for the maintenance of a status of nationality are often overlooked or abused, creating tensions between citizens and immigrants that would not be an issue if the government simply maintained its end of the contract that it has made with its citizens.

OK, I’ve covered some things here, some seem less understandable than others, but the points are clear enough. Contracts should have an expiration date or at least a point where they can be amended to replace parts that are no longer relevant. This only makes sense to me.

Should I make a social contract that makes me vulnerable to emotional input that may be harmful to me later on? I wish I had been coherent enough to have asked this question before I signed up for military duty; I probably would have still done it, but the steps would have been more measured, more thought out. I just jumped at the opportunity to serve and I didn’t look back.

After the debacle of the Vietnam war, I should have been clearer in the way that I saw the military but I was too motivated to do what I thought was necessary to thin it out more clearly.

Great things can happen when one is not looking for them to take place. And in the army, one of the greatest things that happened to me was to be able to meet some really exceptional people. People who had a respect for self, others, and duty to their responsibilities, damn they were well worth most of the other crap that I had to put up with!

My contract in the military said that I would serve under my superiors, follow orders and protect my country against all enemies, foreign, and domestic. So in I went, trained like a madman, became proficient, served and protected, became one of a group of, who gave up a lot of their personal liberties in order to preserve those of their countrymen, and never thought much about that aspect of the deal, at least not until later, after I had mustered out.

The way I see it today, I would have taken a different path, but hindsight has no relevance in yesterday’s world, it only has the power of looking backward and wasting a few minutes, thinking about something that cannot be changed.

Try looking at the whole world for a second or two. Doing this will tell you that not everyone is in on the same contract. We will learn what the truth about social contracts truly happens to be: they only mean something if people are willing to follow their intended meaning. Problems arise when this meeting of the minds is thrown out, and the intended outcome is ignored. Big problems, those beyond the equipped mind of those who are laboring under the assumption of the contract being honored to become aware that they are only of those who agreed, who are living in this manner.

This to me is PTSI’s railway into my mind. A contract that should have protected it, but has been broken. I continued as if the contract was still enforced on all sides, but then, “BANG!!” the truth explodes into existence, and I know that the protective layer has been eliminated.

I promised to take good care of myself at all times. I promised to keep myself from the unintended dangers that would be waiting out there for me, and then I volunteered to go into a situation which could send me into the grinder of mankind’s most stupid of acts: that of committing warfare against one another!

Why haven’t we outgrown the need to be stupid?

Emotional impediments can be slow to come to the forefront, or they can be instantaneously disruptive. All the time, no matter when they are always frightening in the way they make themselves known. Taking a deep breath when one is compromised emotionally so expecting to operate normally is a stretch. We can pretend to a degree that things are not wrong, but when the lights of the stage go out, and we take off the clown’s makeup, we are left with the reality of our identity, not the actor who was playing a role. Reality can be demoted in its intensity, and it can break one at his or her knees, never to rise again, if left unchecked and untreated. This is PTSI, an untreated and unchecked intensely intrusive malady, left as an open wound in our minds, granulating gradually, but reopening often enough to never grow a scar over its presence that can slow down its effects.

Now I think about contracts a little differently, as more of the possibilities that they will create tomorrow, in opposition to how they will benefit me today. Unrealistic? Possibly. But it just seems to be safer.


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