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Accepting the truth, because that’s who you are; the truth of yourself!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017, 1530 Hrs.


Life is tricky at times. We are born with an almost clean slate insofar as our minds are concerned, the exception to this belief is the innate instinct to survive, this is one with which we are born. And this innate characteristic is the “truth” of who we are born to be inside. Environmental additions can subtract from the original equation, but it is there from the start, and it actually works!


Crowding out these naturally intensive qualities can cause an enormous amount of changes inside of the operations of our minds, and this can not always be seen as a positive aspect, it can absolutely cement itself into a foundation that has lasting deleterious effects into the life of the person, in response to the lifestyle of the youngster.


An unstable environment can produce magnified emotional instabilities in the mind of a child who is exposed to seemingly insurmountable pressure to comprehend those elements for which his or her mind is not ready to define at this point in their mind’s development.


Mind development has a multi-role functionality in the life of every person, and it cannot be overstated that this process can be advanced in some, where it is delayed in others. This is part of what makes this species special and less than efficient when it is placed into a generic learning environmental setting. We learn at different rates, and we enjoy learning different subjects!


The truth about learning rates can carry with it an exceptionally negative response from other children towards the children who do so at a less than accelerated rate. Truthfully, this is just a natural way in which a mind processes what it is exposed to in its daily trek through life, it is not an indication of a lack of intellectual capability, but the other children who may tease a person for being so inclined, do not know this, and socially they may seek to capitalize on the vulnerability of those children who are singled out because of their lack of pace. Some of this has to do with the way in which they are being taught to act and believe by parents and other influences, and these must be taken into consideration.


I need to take a bit of a jump here, but it will make sense as I go along.

Along the way, a person may pick up pieces of information that have no concomitance with the sanitary nature of other pieces. This “junk” information, may serve to cause future problems in cognizance for the person who receives it at this preciously fragile time in their lives. This can and most probably is the beginnings of PTSI! Remembering that PTSI is the aftermath of emotional injury and not so much a condition in and of itself, this makes sense that some children become belligerent, and take to bullying in response to having been bullied themselves, as they attempt to survive the age of learning how to become someone who can fit into a world that has differing points of view as to what is normal and acceptable.


A bully may be a resultant injury response to having been emotionally altered due to injuries that no one can see. Maybe it is not just an abnormally aggressive mindset, but more so a protective one that seeks only to maintain what was innate in the first place: the maintaining of personal safety of the person.


Personal intellectual wholeness is a subject based upon speculative beliefs of what “normal” is or is not, and has yet to be empirically proven, but research continues and there are some effective treatments that work for some on ways to at least partially heal from some of the pressures of the alleviated issues. The process is ongoing and not so much set in stone as of now.


I dislike the tendency to make complicated, the things that should be simple. Scientifically identifying any issues are the first steps in taking them away from the easily defined and making them almost impossible to find answers for. Injuries to the emotions need to follow a few steps, one of the most important is to recall the experience(s) that caused the injury. Therapies that attempt to walk around these memories are only damming up the emotional works and set the person up for an eventual breaching of the dam. It is not healthy not to recall why you were injured, in the future, this recollection can do wonders in helping any therapist to assist in the healing process.


I know that the truth can be painful, but in the end, it is the only building bock to repair the emotional fence that has been broken. It is the repair that will keep out the intrusion of events and episodes that cause mental responses that are negative and dangerous to the injured person. Here is where I get my expertise on the subject: I have a PTSI myself! I know what I have had to deal with, and I know what has not been working for me, and I’ve heard the complaints of others who are saying similar things to my own complaints.


I don’t want to say that no professional is worth my time, but a drug pushing recordist, is not my idea of treatment, it is just another way of trying to ignore the situation. What happens to me, when the medications stop working? What happens if I build up such a tolerance that I have to take medications that zombify me? Those chemicals that will make me emotionally and intellectually useless to myself and to the world? Now what am I supposed to do, what is the world supposed to do with me, or about me?


Treatments should be helpful, not experimental and not a “hope we don’t f*ck it up!” proposition! We need our treatment options to be more cogent than the condition which is plaguing us, or there is no point to seek out treatment. This to me; is the truth! I am afraid of treatments that I’ve undergone. Have you ever read the documents that accompany these anti-depressants? Hell, they’re even more depressing to read than my bouts with the depression at times!


I’ll say this, in closing:

There is hope and that is always the best option for anyone in a bad situation. We are not finding ourselves inside of a hopeless situation, just one that is often difficult to deal with, but we can strive and we can survive, this is what the human mind was made to do, after all, it is inborn within its structure to survive and to learn how to maintain itself for use as a center of useful information for living.


Here’s my truth:

I suffer from a mental injury, and this injury is referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I call “Bull!” on that! This is Post Traumatic Stress Injury, and I will always use this terminology, no matter what, and that is because I can be a bit of an ass, part of my original makeup to be sure!

Love yourself, because you can, and your brain is trying to tell that you should.



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