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Getting into the struggle through advocacy tactics that might cause real healing!

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Saturday, October 14, 2017, 1230 Hrs.


A letter to my congressman was never answered, so, I decided to make copies, and send them out to him several more times, I am now flooding him with emails and phone calls. I am being a pest and I am being so with a purpose. That being to keep him on the edge of his seat about emotionally injured persons, and the differences of being injured, and being a disordered individual with chemical imbalances who may need to be institutionalized.


Right now, we, (that is to mean, those of us who are suffering from any form of mental infirmity), are in a state of danger. We have a president (in the United States) who is quite disconnected from the emotion of feeling compassion for those who are in any form of need), and we have a do nothing congress whose only mission seems to be to is the butts of as many of their constituencies as they can, in order to maintain a seat in their offices.


The subject of true and effective measures to help in the treatment of emotional injuries and their effects seem to be not even on their lists of things to consider. At this time, I have to believe that it will be left u[ to the sufferers to maintain pressure to be kept in the light, rather than to be pushed into a background of shadows and stigmas which have already been in place for far too long!


I was taught to love everyone, because God made all of us and not one of us is a mistake to be ignored or to be erased from the mind as if there was no reason to treat them with dignity and respect, or to consider compassionate ways to deal with them, in light of any differences of the mind they may exhibit.

I have done this, for my entire life. Protecting kids in school from the hateful tactics of children ho saw them as easy targets. Even in the military, where one may have been a little weaker in grasping all of the information that was being thrown at us at the same pace as everyone else, I could not stand in silence as these persons were subjected to abuses from so-called “normal” people.


Now, I see no reason to keep my mouth shut, as I see so many of us being left out of the main conversations about humane treatment for those who are inside of the emotionally injured matrix.


Symbolism: this plays such a major role in how mentally ill persons are perceived to be.

People who are in the positions to make the decisions that could help to end the ridiculous assumptions surrounding what it means to be mentally ill are not doing so because they have no way to monetize it towards their own bank accounts yet. If there were real healing taking place, the pharmaceutical companies would have less of a hold on the politicians and the money would stop flowing in. get it? They don’t want us to get better, they want us to be just below “going postal”!


This blog-piece is not about solutions, it is about why emotionally injured persons are not being seriously treated into a place of healing. Whether or not you are a liberal, conservative, or whatever other political position you may stand on, the truth is that we are the victims of a system of monetization, and that system is much too rich to be brought lower by something as trivial as the actual helping of those persons it is in business to do so for, so we will be handed pills, and potions, and have to hope that the formula was not concocted by the pharmaceutical equivalent of “Aunt Clara, on Bewitched” so that we can actually start to see some real healing taking place, rather than to continue to mark time in place, going nowhere near where we need to go.


The mind: natures truest mystery. This is the structure of unimaginable possibilities and a treasure of enormous wealth, which cannot have placed upon it, some weak price tag with no true value. This thing is beyond what we can access through physical examination, it is beyond the experimentation of scientifically concocted testing, which can only be as strong as the intellects which make them up, so this keeps it restrained to its own strength. It cannot go beyond what and how it happens to be. No made u[ terminology can make someone else more adept at knowing the powers of the mind than the mind itself will allow. It’s a lot like water always seeking its own level.


Pressured advocacy is the only tool I have available to me at this time. I use what I have how I can, and as I see that time has its limits, I can only hope that more people will take up the cause and do similar things. I might not last much longer, but to this, there is no mystery, we all have an expiration date.

I must pray that persons who are dealing with the effects brought along with emotional injuries will not simply stand still and wait for answers. We have to all demand the answers that are needed, and we have to place pressure on lawmakers, and we have to do it, now!






Heal, please!

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