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PTSI and shopping. Not a problem, I just don’t go shopping!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 2300 Hrs.


I have never acquired the bug that makes shopping enjoyable. I have always had an aversion to the process of going into a crowded store, to buy things with a bunch of people who can be rude and very disgruntled about doing something that they purposely showed up to accomplish. Some people make a sport out of shopping, they love to go out to stores to look, to buy and to complain about the other people who are there or the workers who are there to help them.


As a child I would go with my mother on her excursions into the “shopping zone” I would feel uncomfortable being bumped around by people, as they seemed to be confused as to the fact that there were other people on the shopping floor, and that these people too, took up space. Space that they seemed to have no problem whatsoever in invading with their own presence. I was taught in science class that two pieces of matter cannot occupy one space at the same time. I can only imagine whether or not they were paying attention to that particular class.


Because I was never fond of shopping, I cannot say that PTSI is a major cause for me to not want to go shopping. I can say that it is a factor to a degree.


When I go to the store, I don’t actually choose to go in, it just seems to cause me more anxiety and discomfort to subject myself to the maniacal indifferences of shoppers who don’t pay any attention to other people while they push their carts, and take up the entire aisle while they read labels on products they never intended to buy in the first place!


I like to shop online, or I just let my wife do it, she likes it more than I do, and it doesn’t cause her the discomfort as it does to me.


Shopping is a necessary activity, but I find it to be an exercise in a social experiment that has gone awry, and there is no one watching the experiment as it spirals out of control. I wonder who’s supposed to be watching the experiment we refer to as “shopping”? Maybe it is a part of the matrix, and we have taken the wrong pill, so we don’t know that we’re no more than lab rats, running through the maze I know that it feels this way to me, and I also know that PTSI doe nothing to alleviate the process for me.


So, I can only be partially conclusive in light of this subject, because my aversion to shopping started as long back as I can remember. PTSI does not cause my aversion, but it does add additional weight to the monkey that it seems to place on my back when I goo to the store. I try, but admittedly, not as hard as I should.


Damned if Amazon and others aren’t a special friend to people like me! I know, I need to work on it, but for now, I have enough to deal with, shopping doesn’t have to be one of them, thankfully!





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