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Saturday, October 21, 2017, 2330 Hrs.


I grew up hearing the good the bad and the ridiculous from different people, who thought that they knew more than anyone else. The process was most prevalent in the barbershop. Oh my milk and cookies, it was in this place that I learned about the art of bullshitting people!

The lies that would be told here, were second only to the crap we were hearing from politicians! This means that the sh*t was really deep!


This is how life can be: it can get hip-boot deep with crap that you have to make a decision about. Walk through it, or stay out of life, and drain yourself into non-existence. This is called decision making. Which path do you follow? This is called making a choice.

Do you choose to live and wade through the crap of life to find the green grass that should grow from its presence, or, do you sit in the house and wait to waste away into the nothingness that you have chosen for yourself?


People who I call “purposely advanced” are the ones who choose to go out and to wade through the stiff stuff. I had the privilege of knowing a few of these types of persons as a kid, and they inspired me to imitate them in various ways. Taking the crap of life, and still walking out the door the next day to see if they could break through just a bit more and achieve progress.


“Advanced purpose individuals”, my mom was one, grandmother, aunts, uncles, friends, church members, and especially, my dad.


I bring this up to tell each of you that you are one of these persons, you are like the “advanced purposed” group above. You get up, you go out, you take the chances of the possibilities that you have no control over, but chance them anyway. This takes an advanced set of purposes to do so. The bearings of these persons have no limitations beyond those which are naturally a part of who you were when you were born.


I’ve always been bothered by the people who always have an opinion about the shortcomings they see in someone else, while they promote their alleged excellence in comparison. I fume at the liars who will tell you that you are damaged and that they should be your role model in order for you to come up and make yourself better. What a bunch of bunk!


I’ve been through emotional situations that have caused damage to me, but at the time, I was unaware of the fact that this would be an outcome, had I known it then, I have no idea what I would or for that matter, even could have done to stop the progression of the injuries that they were causing.


Revenge at the time would have done little to nothing, it would have probably just made my life instantly worse. This is the weird side of life; it has no instruction manual to help you make decisions on an instantaneous basis, you have to use what you already have inside of yourself, and not go along with the “trends” because those are usually wrong anyway.


Ask yourself: “What is my advanced purpose” are you following the path that will lead you to the outcome you are trying reach? I know that I have not always done this, and I know that it was because while I was marveling at the people who seemed to be doing it, I was just being a spectator and not a participant.


Each person has a specific set of motivators, each can see something in a situation that might be missed by everyone else who sees the same thing. So… what you want to do, is focus on the happiness motivators, and share them along the way, maybe that one person will pass it forward and the difference will start having a universal quality of causing changes for the better. What we’ve had so far, sure hasn’t been so successful, we all have to admit!


Be dynamic, be bolder, be your bad individual self, and take a chance every once in awhile, it could go wrong, but then you just find another motivating cause. One thing not to do is to give up on yourself.

PTSI will tell you that you’ve got “no gas”, “no energy” but you know better than this, you know you’re THE one to do it, because this is after all, about you!


Live for life’s sake.





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