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Are you a one-hit-wonder, or catalog writer?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 1500 Hrs.



I think that I can fairly say that life is a lot like writing a song. Each input is a note or a direction that can make this the instant classic of who you are, or they can promote a forgettable addition to the population.


I don’t think that most people see that they have a good reason for being here, I think that they get caught inside of the downward spiral of their fears and the opinions of others who have nothing good to say about them, getting less likely to write themselves into the masterpiece which God created them to be.


A negative self-view can break down walls of comfort and make one see only those aspects which make them unnecessary and unwanted in the world. They break themselves into pieces that are irreparably damaged, and will never again, fit into the sheet of music that was once their “symphony of the self”.


Far too many people would only like to tell the story of themselves one time. Play their song once, and done! Or as James Brown used to say…”Hit it, and quit it!” sadly enough, the world is often the motivation for this feeling to come into play. Bullying, parental non-supportiveness, siblings who abuse you, to amuse themselves, and demean the person they are attacking. Weakening, a person could come to believe that their plight is of their own making.


This is the person who is more than likely to write the ending of their song, long before it should be over. Committing suicide to correct what they see as them being the problem to others, and being useless to themselves. I know that this may seem a cognizant choice because I’ve been there. But in all seriousness, this is NOT the answer to any of our problems. Abusive situations can be overcome, every note that we leave in the wake of our walking through life, tells a specifically personal story of self. It can harmonize with other person’s stories and songs, but it cannot be duplicated without becoming something other than what it truly is meant to be.


Harmonically speaking, we can sometimes become out-of-tune. It happens to everyone, and it is disconcerting, but it does not have to be permanent. Think about this: Mozart wrote magnificent symphonies, sonnets, and other forms of music. But do you believe he did so with ease, and without ever having to erase what he saw as a mistake? What about you? Are you demanding a perfect song, when the mistakes must be made during your quest to write a life’s’ long musical story about yourself? This sort of pressure is not maintainable to the health of your mind. One cannot be perfect, one must accept the imperfections, the missed notes that we play, and the erasures that we must make as we plow along and write the music which is representative of our lives.


As a one-song writer, a person can easily fall into the trap of only hearing the mistakes that they never tried to fix. There are times we just don’t stop to hear the dazzling sound of who we are, and this makes us even less likely to see the point in going forward from where we are. I’m afraid of this, I’ve been here, and it was frightening. So I can understand when a person says that they don’t see why they need to go on, even though I am in total disagreement with their choice.


One time is not enough, you must tell your story often and with passion, it’s all about you, and e want to hear it. You don’t have to be famous and rich, just be real enough that we don’t feel that the wool is being pulled over our eyes. You don’t have to make up any exciting tales, this will add to the stress that you already feel. Just get in here and let the song play!


We also have the other person, the one who wants to write their song for as long as they can. Substituting melody for pain, and writing new music to replace those parts that were messed up but allowed to stay in the piece. (we all fall into the laziness pit, from time to time!)

I have to say this: once we choose to throw ourselves away, that’s the end of it, but only from an internal point of view. Our families, friends, associates are all left behind to ponder why we chose to end our songs rather than continue to try to rewrite and correct past mistakes.


I know the selfishness of the action of committing suicide. I stopped before the attempt, but this does not mean that I don’t know what my having done so would have done to my family. Even in my depression, I know this much, I’d have to be a fool to deny that it would have hurt them! What a shmuck that would have made me in their eyes, after they started to get over the initial shock of the event! When I think of my actions on that day; I still feel a bit ill, a chill runs through me to think of the pain I would have caused.


For the person who chooses to keep writing, the music becomes more potent, more listenable, more concomitant to the listener, as being worth his or her time. Oh, let me assure you, it is well worth the time. I don’t want to add clichés here because they would be useless.

I know that some of you have decided that you’re not going to try to push yourself beyond this point, you’re going to let the depression and the fear overwhelm you and crush you under its weight. But I hope that you will at least consider the alternatives.


Tell your story, every day of the year, because it does change somewhat, it adds different notes, phrases, pauses, rests, tempos, it becomes an art piece that not one other person on the planet can duplicate! Isn’t this worth your trying to get into yourself? Be able to sit down and tell the story of something that you did in your life that is uniquely yours. A stanza, beyond the ability of someone else to have written because it is absolutely you, and no one else! Motivational, and contingent upon your cooperation to make sure that it gets written!


You must decide whether or not you are willing to be a one-hit wonder; or are you going to write a catalog of an entire life? My goodness, the latter sounds so much better than the former!


You never know if your particular music catalog will be played one day. Maybe by your children, grandchildren or family who remember you as an influence worth being remembered. I still play the music of grandparent’s lives, and this is because they wrote a DEEP catalog of lovable and enjoyable to play and to hear the music of life!


There is no “over” when it comes to the music of a person’s life. It will be played on forever, as long as there is some to remember it, and also, your life made a splash into the universe’s pool of existence, and that splash leaves vibrations that will never end!





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